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The People That Should be Banned From the Library

Tis’ the season of the most dreaded tests and exams for college students all around, it is the vile and exhausting time for finals. The library floors are filled at capacity; tears, stress and panic flood from table to booth to room. Last minute cramming and review sessions are a must and the library turns into a home for many. Amongst the crowd of studying students there are the select few who make you want to take on the liberty to kick them out; you just want to make them pack up their stuff and show them the door to exit. 

The Facetimers

We all Facetime; we miss friends and family, so it’s a nice way to catch up but why do people think it is okay to Facetime in the library WITHOUT headphones? I do not want to hear how much your boyfriend misses you nor do I want to hear about the drama going on in your friend’s life. Headphones were created to keep sound private, whether it’s music or an awkward conversation with your mom about why you think you are going to fail your exam in two days.

The Gossipers

I completely understand taking a break and talking with your friends at the table, but if I am sitting at the table next to you and you have not stopped gossiping for 20 straight minutes it is time to find a new spot. There are beautiful coffee shops, restaurants and park benches that are perfect for your important conversations, but that table you are occupying during finals week could be useful for those who really need to get some studying done.

The Hoggers

There are many kinds of hoggers, but the worst are the ones that sit in front of the computers using their laptops, and those that pick the big tables for their single self.  It is the most exhausting and irritating thing when you have to take laps around the library trying to find a computer and when you finally see one not in use, there is someone sitting in front of it using their laptop. I have one question for those people, WHY? It is also equally terrible when you have to pray to find a table for you and your friends, but get stuck with the small circle table, because the big one is occupied by one person.

The Screamers

It does not matter if it is the social floor, screaming is a big no. Even the social floor quiets down during finals time, so what makes the screamers think it’s okay to scream across the library to their friends.  I don’t blame you if you have headphones in and you do not realize how loud you are talking, because I’ve done that myself numerous times, but If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone yell from one side of the library to the other, I could buy myself a lot of Starbucks.

The Clingers

The library can get really packed during exam time, especially finals time, but that does not mean personal space stops becoming important. Getting into the revolving doors with someone else or hovering over them while they leave their table is not acceptable. I know the revolving doors are big enough to fit two or three, but that does not mean strangers should be that close to each other in that tiny space. Everybody loves looking for a table and having their search end early because someone is leaving one in front of you, but hovering over them while they are packing up only makes them want to go slower or not move at all.

Amritha Nair is a double major in Psychology and Business Management at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is a member of many organizations on campus including greek life and numerous philanthropic organizations. Her writing has always been an outlet for her; her favorite pieces to write are short stories and poems that usually reflect personal experience or are inspired by other works of art. Other than writing, Amritha loves to swim, shop online, read, and binge watch shows on Netflix. Her heart lies with her family, close friends, and ice cream. You can follow her on twitter and Instagram at amrithanair16!
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