Outfits to Wear For Any Type of Date This Valentine's Day

No matter what kind of couple you and your partner are, you will be doing something for Valentine’s Day. Not doing something counts, by the way. As an absolute Pinterest addict and real (very, very real) shopaholic, I have already had my outfit planned since my boyfriend and I decided on our V-day plans. Surprisingly, it took me longer than I thought to come up with one because I didn’t want to look too over the top.

But I obviously wanted semi-cute pictures before the night ends, and that includes a cute outfit right? Sane and normal people probably answered no, but for the retail addicts out there (again, me), the answer is yes. I have such a hard time coming up with outfits for events but I’ve gotten a little better over the years so let me give it a shot and dress you this Friday.

  1. 1. Daytime Dates

    For the brunchers and daytimers, this one’s for you. So you’re going on some fun, daytime adventure (by adventure, I mean brunch), and you want to look cute but not like you’re stepping into some 5-star dining experience. This is my expertise: a unique top and jeans. It’s that simple. Think cropped bustier top with light wash, baggy jeans and Air Max 270s vibe if it’s indoors or on the warmer side.

    If it’s cold and disgusting as February weather in Virginia typically is, try flared jeans with a unique bodysuit (preferably long sleeve, so I don’t get a secondhand cold) and booties. I promise you the cute top is key to getting that perfect restaurant picture. You know, the infamous head to food picture. Oh, and maybe a jacket too, if you’re not too keen on getting the flu. 

  2. 2. Night Out

    So you hate the daytime and pray for it to be 4 p.m. (aka when darkness hits in RVA) every day and your date is actually a fancy dinner or a movie—I got you covered. My go-to for late nights is a bodycon sweater dress and knee-high boots with statement earrings and a cute mini bag to go with it. I also love making it monochrome.

    Think an all-black bodycon turtleneck dress with black, leather knee-high boots and a black mini purse. You're so welcome. Pin your hair into an updo to highlight those earrings and then you're picture ready. It's that easy. Plus, you look so put together and chic, you'll have yourself questioning if that's really you in the mirror (if you're me, that is). 

  3. 3. Staying In 

    Staying in but still want to take a mirror pic or two with your partner? Try wearing a cute but casual cropped top with some sweatpants and sneakers (just for the picture, obviously) or a full-on sweatsuit with some jewelry to make it seem like you aren’t just going to be Netflix and chilling this V-day.

    My go-to for a cute, in-house outfit is always a Champion set with Air Forces and stacked gold necklaces or a cropped t-shirt and gray sweatpants. This is probably my favorite idea because as a bonus you can fall asleep in your outfit and what’s better than being able to nap in your outfit? The answer is nothing.

No matter what type of date you’re having on this Valentine’s Day, just know that the stress of outfit planning is now eased. I’ve tried all of these ideas and love adding my own touch to them to make them more unique to me. Hopefully, you do the same and have your pictures come out exactly like you want them to!