An Open Letter to My 20s

Dear Second Decade of Life,

When I think about the new decade that I have recently transitioned to, the first thing that comes to mind are the words, "God bless them twenty-somethings." SZA couldn't have said it better on her latest album.

As I am entering this new chapter in my life, I pray that it will bring me a new sense of clarity, confidence and the ability to organize my responsibilities in a more timely fashion. I really do have a fondness for even numbers, so part of me is expecting the year 20 (as well as 22, 24, etc.), to be good years for me. I haven't been 20 for too long, and I haven't felt any different yet. In my mind I keep thinking, am I supposed to feel something? I'm not sure. I think most of it has to do with the mindset that you have about your life and responsibilities. If this is true, I hope that I will keep this up, as these are my prime years.

If I'm being honest, I do miss being able to claim those teen years, since they were such an important part of my development into who I am today. However, I am looking forward, hoping that this decade will teach me even more about myself and that I will become more confident with navigating the world. After all, I'm pretty much a real adult now. so again, dear 20s, please do right by me. I have so many goals and aspirations. I am hoping that this new "level" of life will help me realize what those are, and pave the way for my career and future endeavors.

For now, I plan to take life one day at a time. 20, 40 and beyond. I am beginning to realize that life is mind over matter, and your mindset and mood can have a great affect on how you treat other people and how they treat you in return. I am spreading these thoughts into the universe, hoping that it will become a reality. 

Once again, here's to 20 years.


Newly 20 

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