Open Letter to the Cast and Crew of Parks and Rec

To the beautiful cast and crew of Parks and Rec,


I just have to say; it’s been a year.

It’s been a year since your last episode aired. A whole year without shenanigans from Andy Dwyer, or annual Treat Yo Self days with Donna Meagle and Tom Haverford. A year without April making us wish we were as gorgeously pessimistic, or given tough love from Ronald Ulysses “Ron” Swanson. Most importantly, we haven’t seen all the ways Leslie Knope has helped change the world one bulldozing act of kindness at a time, with Ben supporting her in the most #goals way possible.

I’m not going to lie-- it’s been hard. The only thing consoling me has been marathons on Netflix to recount every special moment we’ve shared together. I never thought that I would find best friends in the form of TV characters. Ones that give me life-long advice such as “don’t confuse drama with happiness” and “ovaries before brovaries”, without asking for it. It’s just there and it’s useful for everyday purposes. From trying to build a park that sparked a lifelong friendship, to finding love and making businesses, to running for different offices and fighting meninists, there wasn’t an episode that didn’t leave me enlightened.

Parks and Rec had a unique character for each personality type, and that’s what made it so likeable and universal for everyone. What is even better is that every character grew throughout the seasons. I have to specially thank the writers for giving us such a comforting ending to this show - by giving us a timeline of their growth and showing us their happy endings.

It feels strange to admit that it really is over. That the memories will forever live in episodes and in my heart. But that’s okay because this show taught me so much that I am proud to have lived in a time where Parks and Rec was on air. There will never be a show the glorified hard work, failures, accomplishments and breakfast food the way Parks and Rec did, and I’m okay with that.

Thank you for everything. I hope you find consolation in the impact you’ve made in our lives.



Your friendly neighborhood Parks and Rec fan.