The Only Relaxation Playlist You'll Ever Need

It’s that time of the semester where the workload during is so heavy that weekends have been permanently designated to focusing on yourself. Whether you’ve decided to spend the evening going out with your crew or having a Netflix and chill session by yourself, there is that gap of time where you aimlessly lay in bed for hours doing nothing. I personally made an Apple Music playlist for you to play in the background while you screenshot funny memes that you scroll past on your Twitter timeline, until Sunday comes around and you have to go back to being a responsible student. Or maybe you’re so good at managing your time, that you wake up early in the morning just to make time for yourself. Either way this playlist was made for you.

Here are some of my favorite tracks from my four-hour, 64-song long, chilling out, maxing, relaxing all-cool playlist:

1. "Rules" – Bbymutha

  • I discovered this song only a few days ago. The music video for this song, which I like to define as an Ebonic affirmation of always remembering to be cautious and put your well-being first, has gone viral and happened to float across my Instagram Explore page. Easily in the running to become a staple in my everyday playlist called life (not an actually playlist, btw).

2. "Already Knew That" - Ro James

  • Fun Fact: I met Ro James during a joint Mary J. Blige (who is also featured on this playlist) and Maxwell concert that he opened last year. Here’s a (super) cute picture:

As you can tell by the excitement on my face, I love this man, this song and his debut album "ELDORADO." If you’re aren’t familiar with this soon-to-be contemporary legend, you need to be.

3."…goingtohell" – Miguel

  • Miguel. Miguel. Miguel. This man is an artist before anything else. Most of his tracks give me timeless vibes and this one is no different. The repetition of the limited lyrics on this piece, mixed with the artistry that is his voice, are enough to make me forget all of my problems. I, too, am a sinner, Miguel. Save me.

4. "Flowers" – Willow

  • Definitely not the Willow Smith that everyone listened to in middle school. R.I.P. to “Whip My Hair." This track makes me feel like a mediocre art student who likes to eat avocado toast on the way to their 7 a.m. yoga class. Bourgeoisie, organized and relaxed. I am only one of these three things in real life.

5. "Ah Yeah" (feat. Musiq Soulchild & Chrisette Michelle) - Robert Glasper

  • I can’t even lie. I’ve shed a tear or two to this angelic masterpiece. This treasure is years old, but I literally discovered it last spring where I make most of my discoveries— Instagram. The strategic stacking and collaboration of voices are such a gift to me, that I like to save this song for days when I am feeling in need of a little extra inspiration and relaxation. After this song, I am sure of my purpose in this world. #dramatic

6. "Too Much Sauce" - Chloe x Halle

  • This alternative bop by the greatest female duo to ever grace my ears is just that. A bop. “Too Much Sauce,” is just one of the many songs on this playlist that I pulled from their "The Two of Us" album. In order to create variance, I refrained from overloading (blessing) your brain with the creative geniuses that are Chloe x Halle, but I hope I opened a door that you’ll never be able to close.

Those are just some of my favorites off of my masterpiece playlist. Go ahead and give this playlist a listen, you'll thank me later. 

Photo credits: Cover, 1 by Alyssa Otis