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Noura Bayoumi

Name: Noura M. Bayomi

Major: Print/Online Journalism

Hometown: Burke, VA

Why did you pick VCU?

It’s funny, it’s kind of like VCU picked me. I originally wanted to attend George Mason, but they waitlisted/denied me, and VCU was the only school that accepted me. It worked out for the best though, I fell in love with the city.


What’s your favorite thing about VCU?

The culture and the diversity; there’s always something to do, everyone is so welcoming, friendly and nice and it’s nice to be surrounded by that type of atmosphere.

What are you involved in on campus?

Obviously Her Campus VCU, Capital News Service, iPad Journos, and I’ve written for The Commonwealth Times.

Why did you join Her Campus?

I found it at the SOVO fair when I was a freshman, it interested me because it had to do with journalism, and I knew I wanted to pursue that, so I signed up.

What’s your favorite thing about Her Campus?

I love the members. They make the magazine, without them none of this would be possible, they’re so enthusiastic about their work, they’re committed to Her Campus, they’re so passionate and I love it.

How have you watched Her Campus grow?

When I first started Her Campus, our meetings were literally three people sitting at a Starbucks table. While I was sitting there I had a vision of Her Campus VCU being this great, successful magazine on campus. I knew there were so many possibilities, I wanted to make sure it gets there, and now we’re an organization with over 30 members, I’ve seen it grow from zero to 100 – “real quick.”

If you could go back to freshman year what advice would you give yourself?

Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself. People are going to try to step all over you, especially at such a young age, and its important to stand tall always. 

What was your most memorable experience of college?

Getting a “twin,” back when I was in a sorority. I was one of the founding women of Alpha Xi Delta (not many people know that) and it was a great experience while it lasted. 

If you had to give advice about anything, what would you give?

If you have something that you like, stick with it and put your mind to it. I could have easily left Her Campus VCU when I first started because of the small size, and look at it now. If you stick with something, you will reap the benefits.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned?

I learned that being a leader is more than just overseeing an organization, team, etc. It’s about setting a good example for everyone because people look up to you and people put their trust in you, it’s really important to be a trustworthy, honest person and to never let them down.

What advice can you give to the new executive board of Her Campus? 

At times it’s going to be tough to manage the publication and you’re going to feel like you aren’t able to balance it with school, work, etc. But trust me, there is a reason why you are in the position that you’re in and it’s important to always remember that when the going gets tough. 

What do you hope to do in the future?

I hope to get a job in the DC area, working in social media/marketing, I see myself having a manager position in the future because of Her Campus.

Any last words?

I can’t wait to see the Her Campus VCU chapter grow and get even stronger.

Salinna Lor is a freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University. She's addicted to coffee, frozen yogurt, vloggers, Kate Spade, and writing. You can catch her on Instagram or Twitter (@salinnalor)
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