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The album drops in 2022 have already proved themselves to be every bit as exciting as the years prior. Harry Styles brought us along on an emotional rollercoaster with “Harry’s House,” Lizzo hyped us all up with her breakthrough pop album “Special” and Beyoncé came back with a bang with her newest release titled “Renaissance.” These artists and so many more served us with the perfect playlist to laugh, cry, scream, sing and dance along to this year.

As I mentioned before, “Harry’s House” was the type of heart-wrenching album that you need to listen to while driving around in the rain. This album started off hyping you up with “Music for a Sushi Restaurant” and ended having you crying on the floor to “Love of My Life.” I am not the only one who fell in love with this record. The lead single “As It Was” took the number one spot in the charts for over a month and all 13 songs off Harry’s House were in the Billboard Top 30. Styles has been touring for the past few months so many lucky fans have already gone to see him perform these records live.

We all know fans have been patiently waiting for Beyoncé’s new album for the past 6 years. Her record uniquely combines a little bit of everything with a 70’s disco-funk style and late 90s R&B jam. She had big shoes to fill after her prior release of “Lemonade” but she definitely came through as she continues to be the top debuting album of 2022 since her release.

Bad Bunny’s newest record “Un Verano Sin Ti” gave us a fun, high-energy vibe for the summertime. This album displays his love for Latinx culture by representing the sounds of Dominican and Puerto Rican culture. He incorporates a little bit of everything with notes of bachata, reggaeton and merengue sounds. Bad Bunny’s success from this album has reflected well on the entire Latinx community and displays the growth in the popularity of Latinx influences and cultures in the world. Don’t forget, these last few months definitely have a lot more in store for us all.

What I am most excited about is Taylor Swift’s release of “Midnights” which will be her 10th studio album. As we all know, Taylor is the queen of releasing back to back to back albums. Within the last few years, she has blessed us all with “Lover,” “Folklore,” “Evermore” and even the re-recordings of “Fearless” and “Red.” She described this upcoming release as “the stories of 13 sleepless nights scattered throughout my life.” The more she talks about it, the more I am feeling like this is going to be her most emotional, intimate and vulnerable project yet. So, buckle up everyone, and get ready for another sad girl fall.

I am so content with all of the new music that has been released but I am even more excited for what’s to come.  The music industry as a whole is finally jumping back to how it used to be pre-COVID. With that halt in all live concerts and shows, I am so eager to see all these people in concert. Now that you can, go see if any of these artists are going on tour any time soon and dance in person to all your favorite tunes of 2022.

Susan Culbreth is a first year Mass Communications student at Virginia Commonwealth University . Her passions include environmental justice and pop culture !