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Netflix, Please Stop Canceling Your Only Good Shows

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

Winding down after a long day of school has become my ritual. This ritual follows extremely strict guidelines: A sweet treat, Netflix, and a slice of Christian’s pizza. Yet now only two of these entities are reliable at satisfying my ritualistic lazy night in. I used to be an avid Netflix consumer. After watching the entirety of netflix, binging shows like On my Block, Outer Banks, and Stranger Things. 

Happy in between my sheets as my facemask made biting my pizza an obstacle. As I finished the notorious Netflix originals, I began looking for new shows. I stumbled upon three amazing shows: I’m Not Okay With This, Grand Army, and The Society. These shows were all amazing coming of age tales in their own respective rights. Yet they all met one fatal destiny: cancellation. 

In my eternal state of heartbreak, please join me, let’s mourn the loss of these amazing shows together as we suffer through another season of Ginny and Georgia. 

Grand Army is top on my list of shows gone too soon. Grand Army brought a Degrassi-esque vibe back to Netflix. With differing grade levels, fleshed-out characters, and stories that are all connected in some form. It focuses on Grand Army High School’s student body. As someone who’s navigated the tumultuous waters of high school myself, I found an unexpected mirror in the diverse cast of characters grappling with identity, relationships, and societal pressures. From the fiercely determined athlete to the introspective poet, each character resonated with me in a unique way, offering glimpses into my own struggles and triumphs. The show’s unapologetic portrayal of contemporary issues — from racial tensions to sexual identity — ignited conversations that were both uncomfortable and necessary. Despite its cancellation, Grand Army remains etched in my heart, due to the execution of the complexities of youth and the power of authentic storytelling.

Following closely is The Society. The Society on Netflix has one of the best concepts I have seen. It feels like a psychological thriller meets Degrassi. From the moment you’re introduced to the quaint town of West Ham and its enigmatic inhabitants, you’re drawn into a world where the rules of society are turned upside down. As the teenagers grapple with the sudden absence of adults and the emergence of their own power dynamics, you can’t help but see reflections of your own struggles with identity and belonging. Every plot twist feels like a punch to the gut, every betrayal a stab in the back. And just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, the rug is mercilessly pulled out from under you. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions, a journey that leaves you questioning the very fabric of human nature and the fragility of civilization. I would sell my liver on the black market,  to watch The Society for the first time again.  

I Am Not Okay With This on Netflix is like stumbling upon a hidden treasure in the vast ocean of streaming content. From the quirky protagonist, Sydney, to her relatable struggles with adolescence and newfound superpowers, every aspect of the show feels like a mirror reflecting your own coming-of-age journey. As Sydney navigates the turbulent waters of high school, grappling with her burgeoning feelings and the weight of her secret abilities, you can’t help but root for her with every fiber of your being. The show’s blend of humor, heart, and a dash of the supernatural creates a unique cocktail of emotions that resonates deeply with anyone who has ever felt like an outsider. Watching Sydney’s misadventures feels like catching up with an old friend, one whose quirks and imperfections only make them more endearing. I Am Not Okay With This isn’t just a show; it’s a lifeline for those who have ever felt lost in the tumultuous sea of adolescence, offering solace and a sense of belonging in its beautifully imperfect narrative.

So, if you watch these shows, and you feel a sense of loss due to all of these cliff hangers. Remember, it is not about the destination, just remember it was the friends we made along the way. 

Meet Brianna, an avid reader, cinema lover , and self-proclaimed foodie. Post-graduation, she hopes to travel across the world, and tell different peoples of all cultures stories! Journalism is strong passion for her . Excited about telling stories and getting to the heart of important matters. She's eagerly looking forward to sharing untold stories with the world, ready to immerse herself in the craft where each word turns into a pathway for impactful storytelling.