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Nailspiration for Your Valentine’s Day

If you are like me, you probably are wondering what nails to get for Valentine’s Day. Acrylic nails and polish just make my fingers feel so much more beautiful and thinner. Without them, I think my fingers would just look stubby. In addition, having polish helps your nails grow and makes them harder to break. However, nails for Valentine’s Day are my favorite because they are just so cute. The pink, red and heart designs make me so happy because it is one of the most adorable, aesthetically pleasing types of designs. So, I have compiled a list of my favorite sets to help inspire you for your Valentine’s set.

Heart French Tips

You may have heard of this Russian nail salon before. It has gone viral for its weird nails before such as their teeth nails, air-pod nails and many more. However, despite their bizarre designs, they have a couple of really cute designs such as the one above. These long square, pink nails have a variety of other pink colors to make a heart-designed french tip. You could probably customize them a bit, for example I would probably ask for them in an almond shape.

Simple Heart Design

These nails are by Britney Tokyo. She did them for TikTok star, Charli Damelio. However, Britney has done nails for a variety of celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, FKA Twigs, Rita Ora and Kylie Jenner. These are some beautiful almond-shaped nails with a simple red heart on them. They are perfect for anyone who wants to be on theme but does not want to be too flashy.

Semi-Realistic Heart Nails

These beautiful nails were created by Lexi Martone from the TLC show, Unpolished. Unpolished follows Lexi’s family salon that rose to fame because of her 3D nail art. These nails are stiletto-shaped and a dark red color, but have a clear nail with a traditional, semi-realistic heart tattoo design with a wire. They would be perfect for someone who wants to get Valentine’s Day themed nails, but with a little bit of edge.

Black and Nude Heart Nails

If you are not a fan of red and pink nails, you probably will love this set. These nails are by Karen Gutierrez. Like other artists on this list, she has done nails for a number of celebrities such as Sofia Vergara, Gina Rodriguez and Kylie Jenner. These are amazing for people that do not like long nails as these are short rounded nails. The ring finger is black with a nude heart in the middle and the other fingers are nude with a black heart in the center. If you are a fan of red or pink, you could probably customize this set to fit your desires.

Red Heart Nails

These nails may be my favorite on this list. They are a long, almond-shaped set with heart designs on the middle and ring finger, but fully red on the rest of the nails. They were created by CND World, which stands for Creative Nail Designs World. They manufacture their own nail polish, which you probably will notice when you get your nails done as most polishes have CND on the label.

I hope this list helps you when you go to get your nails done. Remember that you can customize any of the nails on this list to fit your personality. Furthermore, make sure you take plenty of pictures of what you get done and to take care of your nails!

Kaitlyn Austin is a senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Civil Rights. She is always in the library doing homework with her friends.
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