My Post-Exam Bucket List

After taking midterms or really any exam, I find myself having to realign educationally, mentally and socially because that week (the days leading up to whatever exam) I've been cramming and have distanced myself from practically everyone on campus. Why you ask? Because I have no self-control and or discipline to study a little bit every day so that I don't have to cram; but hey, they say recognizing you have a problem is the first step of improvement. Honestly, the problem has been this saying I heard at the beginning of my educational career, "If you leave something till the last minute, it'll get done in a minute." and boy has that been true. Anyway, my bad habits are not why I'm exposing myself to you today, but it's to paint a picture for you, my fellow readers, and perhaps even procrastinators. 

To get myself feeling back to myself after having disappeared for a couple of days (some may say "off the grid"), I hit up all my friends that I have been practically ghosting and to see what I've missed in the social world. Find out what's new and maybe even who's new, if you catch my drift. After having spoken to them about their lives and being an ear for someone who just needs to talk, I dive into my hobbies. After exams, schools usually have breaks (either a long weekend or more break) and during that time, I try to get back into the things I like but haven't had time for.

woman eating popcorn Photo by from Pexels

Personally, this means watching everything I have on my watchlist on Netflix, finishing a new book, buying clothes (at least when the bank account is looking right) and or trying out new crazy looks with makeup. I may switch it up by trying something new; for example, I started playing with paint recently, or I keep it casual and talk to those friends I referred to earlier. You don't have to do much and you don't have to do the things I do, just find something that takes your attention away from what you have been doing prior. For some, trashy reality TV might be your poison, but for others, perhaps getting out of your environment (hiking, sightseeing, etc.) might do the trick. Feeling refreshed enough to where I want to get back to work is the feeling I crave after taking exams or doing bigger projects.

I find my mind gets very easily overworked because I don't know when to stop thinking (shoutout to my anxiety), but activities like these where my mind can wander a little and I don't have to think about anything outside of what I am doing (because I may risk missing out on an important detail) usually gets me ready for a whole new unit. It's sort of like clearing out a new slate in my mind and I swear it helps the long semesters feel a little more manageable. Whether or not this article has given you any ideas of how you want to spend your break, exam week is a very trying time for people of all majors and educational backgrounds. Being aware of your mental state and what you need to function smoothly makes you a better student, friend, and human being. Listen to your body and do what you can to keep relaxed and healthy. 

Until next time,

Your friend,