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In the NCAA women’s basketball games, there are players that are getting social media attention like never before. This year I have been very intrigued by the players and how their attention in the media has looked from an outside perspective. One person in particular has become the face of women’s basketball: Caitlin Clark

Caitlin Clark, from the University of Iowa, is one of the best players in the NCAA this year. She is the number one pick for the WNBA mock draft. One thing that stood out to me about her is how far away she can shoot and make it past the three pointer line. It amazes everyone that’s watching that she has such power and accuracy to be able to do that. The 61 3-pointers that she has in the past 14 games in the NCAA tournament proves that point perfectly. I will say that sometimes while I’m watching her play, she comes off a bit over confident or too cocky when it comes to whether she decides to pass or shoot it. However, more times than not, she makes the shots she takes. 

On the University of South Carolina team is Kamilla Cardoso, who is also entering the WNBA draft as the number fourth pick. Cardoso, being 6’7, has really made an impact on the South Carolina teams. This is their fourth season in a row making it to the final four. She is a player that uses her height to her advantage, to get rebounds, block shots and get the ball in the hoop. While watching her play, it’s so easy for her to do all of those things. When I think of taller players, usually, they are just tall and that’s it. However, with Cardoso, she knows the game and knows how to use the height to help her team win countless amounts of games. 

The final game for the NCAA Women’s basketball was Iowa V. South Carolina on April 7. Caitlin Clark and her Iowa team came out in the first quarter ready to play. South Carolina was not able to score any points in the first 3 minutes, with Iowa knocking down three. However, in the third quarter it took a turn. South Carolina locked in on guarding Caitlin Clark, Cardoso and her team took full advantage of it. The final score was 87, South Carolina, to 75, Iowa. 

Cardoso and Clark are not the only women in the league that have caught people’s attention either. Paige Bueckers from UConn was a leader for her team, who will stay with her team another year instead of going into the draft. Even freshman, Te-Hina Paopao, on the South Carolina team. When she got in the final game of the NCAA tournament, she completely turned her team around for them to be able to win. Watching all of these games and these women succeed in the sport that they love really inspires me. I’m excited to see what is next for the women that are going to the draft and another year of watching NCAA women’s basketball.

Brooke Lindberg is a communication journalism major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She loves writing about personal issues and hopes to reach some readers that relate:)