To My Future On-Campus Esthetician

To my future on-campus esthetician,

I’ve spent the last year or so on a hunt to find someone I could trust enough to shape my eyebrows to perfection. It took months of recommendations from women with brows I could only dream of and trial-and-error appointments (that eventually resulted in me cutting a bang in my hair) to find the woman in my hometown who gets my brows in formation biweekly. It was a process, but I knew upon arrival at my first appointment she was going to have me looking better than ever. She slowly trained and grew my brows into the fleeked specimens that sit above my eyes today. These brows frame my face. They require no extra makeup (which means I can sleep in longer). They determine my mood. They make every selfie post-worthy. They get me compliments from strangers that see me in passing. And with a $12 threading price tag as opposed to the $7-8 waxing one, I expected nothing less.

And she taught me how to practice loyalty before anything. Once, I had decided to skip my usual appointment due to a busy schedule and tweeze the stray hairs around my brows until I could schedule another. As soon as I greeted her during my next appointment, she called me out about messing with my eyebrows myself when I, instead, could have made time to visit her. This is when I knew that I could trust no one else because she treated my brows as if they were her most prized possession.  

Then I moved from my hometown to my dorm room in Richmond. I tried to calculate my visits home, but with no car on campus and only three breaks during the fall semester I knew I was SOL. I’d either have to grow my brows out for months at a time and pray that I had time to get them done when I visited home, or I could ask around and risk my brows’ integrity by trying someone new near school.  

I held off for the first month. I unexpectedly came home two weeks after the semester started, but my brows still remained intact and I didn’t want to bite off more than they could chew. It's been six weeks since then. I’ve been tweezing hairs here and there that I know don’t belong, but I’m so terrified of ruining my esthetician’s hard work that I only do it sparingly. I know that loyalty is important, but I’m desperate. I count on my brows to give me a miniature face lift, perfect my full face of makeup and give me the confidence to wear my hair in a slicked back bun every once in a while. I can’t do any of these things as of right now.

If you’re reading this, I’ve done extensive research on you and your business. I’ve read countless reviews and probably found and scrolled through your personal Facebook page. I’ve personally talked to people who visit you on a regular basis to ensure the quality of your work, and I’ve probably even walked pass the building a few times just to make sure I knew where it was located.

If I’m tense or picky before you begin the service that may change my life, I don’t want you to take offense. If I ask you to stop half way through the procedure to look at a mirror, please don’t categorize me as rude. If I show you a picture of what my brows looked like before they grew into the caterpillars laying before you, please be attentive. I’m sure that you are more than qualified to shape an eyebrow, but as a student with limited hair removal options and a limited budget, I just want to make sure that my brows are in the best of hands.

Best wishes, 

Your most difficult customer yet