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My Favorite (COVID-19 Safe) Fall Activities

Fall has quickly come this year. It seems that just yesterday, it was the first day of summer. Now the leaves are turning orange, and there is a cool breeze every time you step outside! Fall may not be my favorite season of the year, but I know it is popular, and in order to celebrate it, I have created a list of my favorite things to do during this time of the year. All of the activities are COVID safe and respect social distancing guidelines. 

Pumpkin Carving

This is an obvious fall must-do! As someone who grew up in a different country, I never understood what carving pumpkins was all about until I carved my first pumpkin a couple of years ago, and now, I do it every fall. For this activity, you just need a pumpkin, carving tools and a buddy if you want to have company while working on your beautiful pumpkin. The best part after you are done is putting your piece of art on your front porch and admiring it every time you walk into your house.

Roast Pumpkin Seeds

After you carve your pumpkin, you’ll be left with all of the junk that was inside of it; I used to throw that away but don’t! If you clean the seeds out, toss them in a bag with salt and butter, then place them in a baking tray, then in a 300-degree oven for about 45 minutes, you’ll be left with a great on-the-go snack. I love bringing roasted pumpkin seeds with me when I go hiking, which leads me to my next idea.

Go on a Hike

Though I don’t really like fall, I think it is the best season to go hiking. The weather is ideal for those long hikes you don’t want to do during the summer because it is too hot, and the views are just amazing with all of the different colors on the trees. Hiking is also a fun thing to do with friends or a significant other, so grab your hiking buddy and get out there!

Visit an Apple Orchard

Having photoshoots at apple orchards is one of my favorite things to do during fall. Not only will you get some great fall pics for your Instagram feed, but you also get a bunch of apples to bring home. After the apple orchard, you can make an apple pie or your favorite apple dessert with all of the apples you handpicked which will make it taste 100 times better.

 Get Ready for Halloween

Ah, yes, spooky season! Fall time is Halloween time, so get your spooky decorations out and go to a haunted maze with your friends. Decorating for Halloween will get you in the mood for the spookiest time of the year and will honestly just put you in a great mood without having to leave the house. 

I hope this article gave you some ideas of what to do during this time of the year! Please remember to stay safe and healthy. Happy fall everyone!

Fran Ramos is a VCU student where she is majoring in Public Relations. She spends most of her time trying new Pho restaurants with her friends or listening to music. She is a mom to three cats, Lorenzo, Teresa and Oswald and loves to spam her social media followers with pictures of them.
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