My Experience With Evening Classes

With spring registration approaching quickly, many of you are probably completely trying to avoid morning classes and night classes. However, as someone who is only taking night classes this semester, I would say it was probably one of my best decisions. 

I am a night owl, so I usually get more energy at night, meaning I tend to stay up well past midnight. Therefore, I usually sleep in every single day. With my night classes, I do not have to worry about oversleeping or not having enough energy after I wake up.

Moreover, I also feel like I have more time to do my homework. When I took morning classes, I felt like I needed to take a nap afterward. Then after my nap, my friends would come over and want to hang out. However, now, with my evening classes, I feel like I am able to manage my time better.

Another benefit of taking late classes, especially if you have swipes, is that you will already be out when everywhere starts swiping on campus. When I took morning classes, and it was cold out, I never felt like going back out to get dinner because of the weather.

As many of you may know, night classes at VCU are typically once a week and run three hours. However, most of the professors let you out earlier because, like you, they also do not want to be there the entire time. I have also noticed that my professors tend to be energetic and happy, which I assume because it is the end of the day.

Moreover, because these classes are only once a week, I have a longer weekend than other students. I feel like this is extremely beneficial for doing homework or just relaxing. It has definitely made my semester go by fairly quickly, as well. If you have a job or are looking for a job next semester, evening classes will help a lot. Tons of jobs look for people with morning availability. 

Last year, I actually did morning classes and worked right after. It was probably one of the most draining things I have ever done in my life. I definitely forgot that I had homework most of the time and barely had time to relax. So, I feel like going to work before school would probably help you not forget your educational obligations.

While this may not seem like a big deal to many of you, night classes tend to have smaller class sizes. This makes it easier for you to form relationships with your peers and help you network for your future. 

While this may be shocking, some students tend to retain and concentrate more during the evening. If you find yourself struggling in your morning classes, this will probably help you and your GPA a lot.

All of these points that I made are subjective and may not work for you. However, I highly recommend you trying evening classes if you habitually oversleep your morning classes and have more energy at night.


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