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Movies on Netflix to Cry to During Finals Week

Finals suck; all you want to do is cry. Movies give that excuse to sit down, curl up on the couch or in the library and just cry it out. Here are some of the top tearjerker movies on Netflix:

1. A Little Bit of Heaven

Kate Hudson stars in this uber depressing love story where she plays a carefree woman who suddenly gets diagnosed with cancer. She starts to catch the feels for her doctor, and then we all cry.

2. An Affair to Remember

A true classic in every sense of the word. Two people meet and fall in love aboard a ship, but they’re both engaged to someone else. Their love proves to be too great and they promise to meet on top of the empire state building. Then we cry.

3. Hachi

It’s about a dog. You will cry.

4. Sophie’s Choice

It stars Meryl Streep. I honestly haven’t watched this movie because it’s almost universally known as a tearjerker, but it’s on Netflix and no one’s going to judge you for crying to it.

5. Dear Zachary

This is a letter to a son about his father, done by the father’s best friend after the father is shot. You will cry.

6. Forrest Gump

First off, if you haven’t seen this movie yet then you have been deprived and I’m going to need you to turn it on this very second. You’ll laugh and you’ll cry and you WILL love it.

7. Good Will Hunting

This is a film that was written by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck before they were famous. It stars both of them with their adorable New York accents and Robin Williams. It’s another movie that you just need to watch.

8. My Girl

This is a movie about a mortician’s daughter who’s probably the cutest little girl in the whole world. It’s also a movie that ruins lives. But you have to watch it.

Finals can really push you to that breaking point, and sometimes it’s okay to need to break down. It’ll allow you to really focus and finish off the semester on a high note! So good luck ladies!

Jessica is a Senior who majors in English and Philosophy with a concentration in Law at Virginia Commonwealth University. She is also involved heavily in her sorority, Alpha Omicron Pi, RamTHON, the English Honor Society, and she's a Rowdy Ram. When she's not staying up until 3 am pounding Diet Cokes and writing essays last minute or stressing about "life after college", she can be found quoting FRIENDS and Shakespeare and laughing at her own jokes. If you're feeling super curious about her personality, just look at her Gemini horoscope or her Myers Briggs results (E/INFP btw). 
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