A Movie Review for "Call Me By Your Name"

*spoilers ahead!*

"Call Me by Your Name" is an Oscar-Winning film directed by Luca Guadagnino. The film stars actors’ Timothee Chalamet and Armie Hammer. The movie begins when Hammer’s character, named Oliver, arrives from America to a small town in Northern Italy for the summer to stay with a family for work on his academic thesis. The family that Oliver stays with is known as the Perlman family and consists of a married couple and their 17-year-old son named Elio. Throughout the film, Elio and Oliver develop a close bond and gradually begin to fall for each other. The film shows their relationship blossom from a friendship to lovers. Once the summer ends, Oliver returns to America leaving Elio heart broken. To make matters worse, at the end of the film, Oliver calls Elio months later to inform him that he is engaged to his on-and-off girlfriend. The final five minutes of the movie consists of Elio sitting by the fire crying whilst his family is making supper.

The film took my breath away. Personally, I love independent films. I always found them so meaningful and the cinematography is always amazing to me. Even though I typically love independent films, I have never loved a movie as much as this. The plot, the cast, the cinematography and everything else was all amazing. The actor of Elio, Timothee Chalamet, completely swept me off my feet. At the young age of 22, Chalamet earned his first Oscar nomination in his first leading role for this film. As a heterosexual man, he truly captured the role of Elio so beautifully and the last five minutes of this movie made him deserve the Oscar alone.

There’s been some buzz that there will potentially be multiple sequels to the film. Typically, I love sequels, and considering that I loved this film so much, it would be assumed I’d love a sequel to this film, too. However, I loved the ending to the movie so much that I don’t want to see what happens after. This is probably an unpopular opinion because the ending wasn’t exactly happy, but I loved how realistic it was. Not every relationship works out and they showed that with Oliver and Elio. I’m definitely going to watch the sequels if they are made, but I’m not exactly begging for a sequel to be made either.

I didn’t know that this movie existed until I watched the Oscars this year, and now that I’ve sat and watched it, I completely understand the hype. I highly recommend the film to anyone. It has romance, comedy and amazing cinematography. and still made me cry. "Call Me By Your Name" was probably the best film I’ve seen this year, and I hope everyone has a chance to watch it.

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