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After my meditation craze, and later discovering the manifestation babe podcast, I have become intrigued by the power of mindset and manifestation as a whole. A manifestation and mindset coach, Raechelle Rosal, found my profile and mindset articles and messaged me to say her top priority is to create content to help women gain control of their mindset. She proceeded to ask if that is something I would be interested in. Without hesitation, I jumped in, engaging in her powerful content.

After connecting further with Raechelle, I interviewed her to learn the mind of a mindset and manifestation coach. I also took a coaching session with her, and even though the session was only two hours, those two hours changed my entire outlook of life and how many opportunities we miss on a daily basis are gifted from the universe. 

I started by asking Raechelle how she got into the world of manifestation and what drove her career path. She went on to say that she was a full-time college student in grad school when her entire world shifted. After endless hours of studying biopsychology to become a clinical psychologist, she was on the path to success, although it never felt right. Something was missing in her life, and she felt called to change her career path to something that was more than informing patients of mental diagnosis, which is exactly what she was afraid of doing; telling people their fate by diagnosing illness day after day. In her view, she didn't want to make people believe there was something wrong with them, but she wanted to help individuals change their entire belief system to begin with. 

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So Raechelle took a leap of faith, dropped out of school and followed her calling. With a background in the science of biopsychology, she was already educated on the brain, neurotransmitters and how we make decisions and forget traumatic events. She continued her education by immersing herself in spiritual content from youtube and online courses that would later push her to become a mindset and manifestation coach. 

Raechelle also read endless books in her spiritual journey, including the book Becoming Supernatural by Joe Dispenza. This was my first and personal favorite manifestation/mindset book, and I was amazed when I found out it was game-changing for Raechelle too. It was the content that connected the dots for her, from science to mindset and manifestation, the book was evidence of how everything is connected and how truly powerful we are as individuals. Raechelle now has impeccable knowledge of biopsychology, human design, manifestation, mindset, astrology and the law of attraction, and she continues to educate herself every day to become the most influential coach for her clients. 

After experiencing depression and anxiety herself, she knew other individuals that suffered mental illness. She says, “that's just what they did; they suffered. They suffered from a diagnosis and accepted their fate as negative instead of trying to overcome it.” She believes that in the same way it takes time for individuals to develop a mental illness, it takes time to heal it as well. Some people may feel powerless with a diagnosis, but Raechelle's goal is to inform them that in the same way an illness develops over time, time will be the same saving grace to heal and overcome internal struggles that hold individuals back from achieving their highest potential. She says, “we don't have an excuse not to heal, we all have the ability, but it is going to take time.”

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So what do mindset and manifestation coaches teach? Rachelle teaches us things that we already know within but need to be reminded of, to include the power and potential we carry each day. Her coaching felt so authentic, as if I already knew the truth of her words, but I just had to tap into my subconscious to remember. She says, “that is why I do what I do. I know that everyone has the ability to become the best version of themselves, but they just don't realize it, and I want to be the person to change that.” 

I want to share a few things I learned from my session, starting with the most important thing about manifesting. Manifestation is “bringing something tangible into your life through attraction and belief." Author Angelina Lombardo says, “manifesting is making everything you want to feel and experience a reality... via your thoughts, actions, beliefs and emotions." According to Raechelle, the most important action involved in manifestation is envisioning and feeling the associated feelings of accomplishing a certain goal. For example, when manifesting your dream home, as you meditate or do visualization work, it is important to envision the specifics of exactly what you want. This may include the size, color, city, neighborhood, decor, or anything of your truest desires. If you cannot envision yourself physically being there, then how exactly do you expect yourself to get there or to achieve that specific goal? [bf_image id="3wcp5z4vxgn96s5jqxj8pngt"]

It is important to also remember that you have to be in the right mindset and vibration to manifest. After waking up around six a.m., Raechelle writes down three things she is grateful for. Gratitude is the highest vibration, and once you start to live in a high vibrational state, it becomes easier to manifest. Then she starts her morning routine with meditation and visualization. After she writes three specific feelings she wants to feel by the end of the day, for example: "motivated, organized and zen."  Finally, she finishes her routine by creating a to-do list with priorities and another list that is not urgent but tasks that would help her achieve a higher vibrational state. How you start your morning sets the intention for the day, which is why you have to take the time to find a morning routine that works specifically for you, allowing you to manifest your greatest desires.

In the same way that you manifest what you want, you can also manifest what you don't want. Raechelle believes that this is why so many people never become successful. Because from the start, they already deny it, and without the power of a positive mindset that is open to receiving, one will never have the ability to manifest with good intention. It will not always be easy. Many of Raechelle's clients dread the work of manifestation and changing their mindset because it’s raw, it’s real, and it’s challenging. Raechelle lives by and constantly shares her powerful motto of “what you are not changing, you are choosing.” You may become frustrated with the process, but she reminds you to be patient because you're taking action to do what you want, you are still changing and that's exactly what you're choosing. 

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Being a living example herself, Raechelle shared the most powerful things she has manifested. Since the start of her mindset and manifestation journey, she doubled her entire income, and she also receives sums of money with ease at the most random of times. Raechelle says skeptics might say, “that's just luck.” But she constantly affirms, “money is flowing to me with ease," and it does just that. She also manifested her current home. Last year she put herself in the mindset that she already moved to a new place by constantly telling herself rent is cheap and that she received her first home. The next year, all of a sudden, someone that was supposed to stay in her desired suite for years packed up and moved, and the opportunity became suddenly open. She knows in her heart she manifested that suite. It fell into her lap like a gift, and it was not “just luck.” 

As an entrepreneur and well-educated mindset and manifestation coach, Raechelle's business is constantly growing, and it has only been a year since her first launch in January. She currently works another job on top of her business, and her goal is to coach full time, following her passion to help women become the highest versions of themselves while watching them manifest their dream life. 

Everything in your life, whether you like it or not, is created by your manifestations. Your mindset and intent for future action create your entire reality. Maybe you even manifested reading this article at this very moment, and you now are given two options. You can either ignore what the universe is desperately trying to tell you, or you take it as a sign to embark on the journey of achieving your highest potential and creating the dream life you never thought possible.  [bf_image id="q7k1l4-7h3i0-3fdkme"]  

Caroline Stoaks is a passionate writer for Her Campus. She's currently planning on majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in journalism. She enjoys running on her free time, any type of art, writing, and relaxing days on the beach.
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