Member of the Week: Hannah Khan

Hannah (pronounced HAH-nah) Khan is the President and Campus Correspondent of the Virginia Commonwealth University chapter of Her Campus. She's graduating a year early and we can't wait to see how far she goes!

Name: Hannah Sanam Khan.

Major: Mass Communications, with a concentration in Public Relations and a minor in business.

Hometown: Originally Carmel, Indiana; but I moved to the D.C. suburbs (specifically, Chantilly, VA) as a junior in high school.


What's something not a lot of people know about you?

I'm actually a huge introvert--you wouldn't think it, but I really am. I identify as an extroverted introvert, but I'm for sure more of an introvert. 

Why did you choose VCU?

I always wanted to go to school in a city, and I knew there would be a lot of opportunities to grow (both personally and professionally) in a city. They also offered me a scholarship, so that sealed the deal for me.

What else have you been a part of at VCU, besides Her Campus?

I'm the senior PR assistant for the University Student Commons, a position that I've had since I was a freshman; and I''ve also done freelance writing for numerous on- and off-campus organizations, such as the Commonwealth Times and Elite Daily. My life essentially revolves around writing. 

What is your favorite part about VCU?

There's always something going on in such an urban environment! I like that there's more to Richmond than VCU, and vice versa. I love the culture, the music scene. etc. 

What made you want to graduate a year early?

I figured out I would be able to in my freshman year, and I wanted to be able to get as much experience as I could and be able to start out on my career young and be able to draw from that experience.

If you could change one thing about your college experience, what would it be?

I spent so much of my college experience trying to please everyone around me, I didn't leave enough time for me. I would worry less about what people think of me, and would be way less hard on myself. 

What was it like to be one of the first members of the VCU chapter, and watch it grow as it has?

We would have meetings at Starbucks since there were so few of us; I've seen the team grow from small, to obnoxiously big, to a perfect, manageable size. Watching it grow fom a bronze-level chapter to a pink-level chapter has been so surreal, and knowing that I've ben such an integral part of that is mind-blowing. 

What has been your favorite part about being a Her Campus member?

The relationships I've formed, for sure. I've met some of my best friends in this organization that I never would have met normally.

What has been your favorite part about being Her Campus VCU's president?

The leadership experience, definitely, but also the fact that other members look up to me. When I joined Her Campus it was not even a remote idea that I would someday be president, so the fact that I am and that younger members see me as a role model is crazy.

What article or event are you most proud of?

The article I wrote for Her Campus nationals, called "What I Wish I Could Tell You On Our First Date." It was by far my most personal article, and it took a lot of confidence for me to get to that point.

What advice do you have for any future Her Campus members or those interested in applying?

Just to go for it. Don't doubt your application or think that you aren't talented enough to get in--believe in yourself and take the plunge to apply.

What are you going to miss most about VCU?

Being surrounded by young, creative fresh minds. College is the only acceptable place where you can walk outside at three in the morning and it's perpetually lit.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

Traveling anywhere and everywhere. I want to be able to have a stable and well-established enough career in travel and lifestyle to be able to travel and move constantly. Hopefully I'll be in Paris or London, who knows!