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A Love Letter to My Hedgehog

Dear sweet prickly lady,

Wow. Who knew that you would be such a good pet?

I did, that’s who!

Despite everything that the haters said: “They’ll hurt you,” “They’re not very friendly,” “You will be up all night listening to that thing run,” “That’s a weird choice for a pet,” I persevered. I knew, after countless hours of research and day in, day out of watching cute hedgehog videos on YouTube, that you were perfect for me.

Boy, was I right. You are the sweetest, silliest little nugget. If you couldn’t tell by how decked out your 8 square ft cage is with its $28 wheel, you are spoiled rotten. You lucky thing, you.

But, in all seriousness, you are the greatest companion for a busy college student. Like me, you are nocturnal, so we have roughly the same sleeping schedule. You also don’t need much; in the four months that I’ve had you, I’ve only needed to buy one large bag of food and a couple toys to keep you going. So, aside from the money I originally spent on you, you have only cost me about $25, which is pretty good. You’re also quiet and clean, thank goodness. I love not needing to worry about neighbors hearing you, or that you’ll ruin something when unattended. You’re the perfect pet for apartment complex living!

I admit, your quills used to make me nervous. I worried that I’d never want to hold or play with you because although your underbelly is super soft, the majority of your body is a tad prickly to the touch. But not to worry, I’ve gotten used to it. I don’t think twice about holding or playing with you now and I’ve learned how to do it properly. Loving on you is no different than what someone with a hamster or guinea pig might do.

Have you ever noticed that everyone you’ve ever come in contact with has loved you, too? It’s not every day that someone has a hedgehog as a pet, sure. But beyond that, you are too stinkin’ cute for people not to be obsessed with you. People are always amazed at how fast you can run (you are full of surprises) and everyone wants to watch as you get a bath, even though you are not the biggest fan of the whole soap and water thing.

Sweet one, thank you for coming into my life! You are the greatest roommate and best source of company I could ask for. You probably think I’m really annoying because I take pictures of you all the time and pester you to play when you want to sleep, but I hope you know that I do it out of love. I’m that weird mom that has hundreds of pictures of her kids in her wallet. Except my child is a hedgehog. It’s not weird.

Here’s to many more years of fun together, little one! I love you endlessly!


Your mom

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Emily Gerber is a Creative Advertising and English double major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She likes to refer to herself as “Tom Hanks’ adopted daughter,” and is a self-proclaimed succulent mom who takes care of the numerous small cacti living on the windowsill in her apartment. Emily appreciates people who *attempt* to beat her at Disney trivia and wants to dedicate all of her articles to her dog, Daisy.
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