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A Love Letter to Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

If you’ve never played any of Nintendo’s Animal Crossing video games, you are missing out on some of the most fun, wholesome experiences of your life. The series, which was originally a GameCube game, has been released on the Wii, Nintendo DS, Nintendo 3DS and now, the iPhone with Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. The current game is not quite the same as previous versions, though; in Pocket Camp, you serve as camp manager of a campsite, not the mayor of a town. It still has that usual, snarky Animal Crossing charm, though. Of course, it features a collection of cute animal visitors that will fool you into believing they are real, because they talk to you just as your friends would. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, here’s to you.

To my new obsession,

I am so thankful that you were released nearly a month before finals, because if it was any closer, I wouldn’t get any studying done. I am addicted to you. How could I, or anyone, help it, though? You are everything a stressed, overwhelmed college student could want; a no-pressure, fun game set in an environment that is far less problematic than today’s reality. You are a blessing.

Also, you’re set outdoors?! Talk about peaceful! In my mind, there is nothing more relaxing than camping. So, pretending like I am doing just that while, in reality, I’m really cramming for the end of the semester, is incredibly healing.  

Can we talk about your graphics for a second? Holy moly. They are amazingly high quality — in my opinion, far better than any other Animal Crossing games. Sometimes, it actually feels like I’m the one walking around my little campsite, talking to animal visitors, fishing, catching bugs and gathering fruit – not my in-game character.

No shame, but I’m already on level 29, and I haven’t even been playing you for a week. I can’t help it. I look forward to downtime in my busy schedule because of you, as I know you always have something new and exciting for me to experience. The other day, I went to all of my classes feeling as though I was on the verge of a panic attack. Then, during my 15 minutes of free time between school and work, I decided to log on and work on customizing my character. All of my anxious feelings vanished, and I was able to continue my day without fault.

I wish reality was more like you, Pocket Camp. I can’t even begin to describe how much I would love to live in an RV, traveling around to new destinations without a care in the world. I know such a thought is unrealistic, but every time I sit down to play, I can’t help thinking how unnecessarily serious the world is becoming. It’s volatile, it’s prejudice, it’s hateful; it’s everything you aren’t.

I firmly believe that we could all learn a lesson or two from you, Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp. If nothing else, I think the world would be a much happier, more accepting place. Thank you for giving me a much needed escape from reality. Thank you for providing me hours of wholesome entertainment. Thank you for being so gosh darn cute!


Your biggest fan

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Emily Gerber is a Creative Advertising and English double major at Virginia Commonwealth University. She likes to refer to herself as “Tom Hanks’ adopted daughter,” and is a self-proclaimed succulent mom who takes care of the numerous small cacti living on the windowsill in her apartment. Emily appreciates people who *attempt* to beat her at Disney trivia and wants to dedicate all of her articles to her dog, Daisy.
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