Logic and Jessica Andrea Are Getting Divorced and It's Not Our Business

Okay, are you ready for the latest guilty-pleasure worthy gossip? Another celebrity couple is getting divorced - and it's headlining all of social media and every article (including this one, whoops)! If you haven't heard about rapper Logic's and pop singer Jessica Andrea's recently made public decision to split their separate ways, well, you probably have your priorities straight. 

Apparently the two mutually and peacefully decided to go their separate ways. According to a Newsweek, Logic claims their reason for the break-up wasn't anything worth getting upset over. Logic and Andrea knew that they would be better as "friends."

Now, I won't be going over every detail of what every gossip site is saying, every tweet that has shared their opinion on the matter or all of the tabloids' cheating speculations. I'm not going to elaborate on the two's relationship or mourn over their beautiful couple pictures. Instead, I wanted to sit down and talk about why celebrity divorces are none of the public's freakin' business. I'll admit that I fall into the click-bait realm of unnecessary celebrity drama, but there comes a time where the line between entertainment and news needs to be pointed out more often. Nonsense news like what an actress ate for lunch or how many pounds so-and-so gained almost always take away from real news worth spreading. What does Logic and Jessica Andrea's announced divorce take away from? Well, Logic's upcoming Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody tour that's starting June 8. We don't see many hashtags about that, now do we?

The Weeknd recently came out with a new EP titled "My Dear Melancholy" with a total of six transcendental, grimy tracks. However, I'm sure many of you have heard speculations that a song or two may be about his break-up with Selena Gomez. In fact, Twitter made it an official "moment", headlining in bold words: "Does The Weeknd reference Selena Gomez on his new project? *insert eyes emoji here*". I find it absolutely cringe-worthy that the world thinks it's more important to find out whether The Weeknd's music contains lyrics about Selena than the actual music itself. Music should be an experience that allows listeners to connect on a personal level, not an opportunity for listeners to pick it apart in order to reveal celebrity drama. 

Jhené Aiko and Big Sean faced similar judgment earlier this month. Cheating rumors about Big Sean circled the internet, causing Jhené to post this photo and caption on instagram:

The point here is simple - glorified public scandals undermine important information. I'm sure when Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston split up back in 2005, no one really paid any mind to their upcoming projects. So why do we let petty "news" get in the way of substantial material that is worth being broadcasted? 

My apologies go out to Logic and Jessica Andrea for having their divorce publicized and unwillingly critiqued by thousands. Tabloid gossip isn't any different than hearing someone talk about someone behind their back. In the end, it only makes whoever's spreading the unnecessary drama around look bad. Let's ditch the irrelevant divorce leaks and spread the intelligence. 

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