Life Lessons from a Medium

What started out as a light-hearted conversation, a game in which friends would name what they thought would be the worst jobs to have led me to find truth.

My immediate guess as to what the worst job was a medium. My thought process being, it would be pretty damn creepy to see ghosts everywhere you went.

My hunt for the truth began as I decided to do some research and write an article on the difficulty of being a medium.

A quick google search led me to find the highest rated medium in Virginia and one phone call later I had set up an interview.

However, what I had assumed to be truth was actually the farthest from that.

J. Marie, a psychic medium located in Mechanicsville, Virginia, describes the purpose of her job is, “to bring forth messages to the client that will help with healing.”

This healing encompasses many aspects of life as she deals with people from all walks of life; however, what remains true is the methods she uses.

J. Marie tunes into the energy of the client and their loved ones and the help a Spirit team. By using this energy, J. Marie is able to communicate and vice versa.

“All Mediums are different,” J.Marie explains, “it’s the way that the Medium mixes with the Spirit and how that Spirit is able to communicate.

This communication can come in the form of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience, clairsentience, clairtangency, clairalience and even clairgustance.

Although I had learned about the field, I still held onto the notion that being a medium would be a difficult job as really your career would already be chosen and you risk seeing Spirits and images that you did not wish to see.

However, J.Marie assured me that her job is more rewarding than it is troubling.

For J.Marie, her gift is a way of helping other people. She did not run from her abilities but instead embraced them.

Even though she may sense bad Spirits around her she has never felt that she was in a position of danger.

In my search for truth, I realized that not everything we see on television is accurate. The media we are exposed to shapes a lot of how we perceive the world. However, by seeking answers I learned to not make assumptions about things I do not know enough about.

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