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The first time I ever heard Laufey (pronounced Lay-vay) was back in 2022 when Spotify recommended the song “Valentine” to me. I immediately fell in love with the modern jazz-pop sound, and I began listening to her non-stop. At just 24, she’s got 14 million people listening to her on Spotify every month.

Listening to Laufey’s music is like going on an emotional rollercoaster, even touching parts of your heart you didn’t know were there. Her songs can make you feel the flutter of first love, even if you’ve never fallen for someone that way. They can tug at your heart with the pain of a breakup, even if you’ve never had your heart broken. Her melodies can wrap around you like a warm hug from a friend, or bring a tear to your eye. She’s got this way of pulling out feelings you’ve never really felt before, making them as real as if you were living through every moment of love, heartache, friendship, and sadness yourself.

The charm of Laufey lies in her ability to connect with her audience. One of the things that makes Laufey so special is her dedication to connecting with her fans on social media. She’s always active, responding to comments, interacting with fellow fans, and even reposting videos. It creates this wonderful sense of community among her fans, like a cute little safe space where everyone can come together and share their love for her music. 

Laufey’s music has really resonated with the digital audience, particularly on TikTok. Her song “From the Start” has garnered nearly 300 million listeners, becoming a viral sensation. Then there’s “Falling Behind,” another standout track that’s been embraced by listeners for its heartfelt delivery and enchanting sound.

Her album Bewitched has not only captured the hearts of jazz lovers but also earned her the Grammy for Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album. What makes Laufey’s Grammy win so remarkable is the fact that this is just the beginning for her. Winning one of the music industry’s highest awards early in her career sets a high bar.

Laufey’s Grammy win for Bewitched was just the beginning, and now there’s a buzz about her upcoming release, Bewitched: Goddess Edition. Her Lauver fans are super excited, but we’re all also a bit curious about the story behind her new music. With lyrics like “You watched me rise then killed my light,” it makes me wonder who hurt her?

Did I mention how many people she has collaborated with? She’s teamed up with the iconic Norah Jones. Then there’s Beabadoobee, who brings that indie vibe that complements Laufey’s style so well. D4vd adds his unique flair to the mix, and Stephen Sanchez’s collab is so beautiful. Plus, there are even more artists she’s worked with! 

If you haven’t listened to Laufey’s music, you’ve got to now. No matter who you are, her music’s got something for everyone. She’s even got a merch that boldly states “Real Men Listen to Laufey” and it’s true. Trust me, you won’t regret it. 

Jessica Holgado is a junior at Virginia Commonwealth University, where she studies public relations and professional writing and editing. This semester, she's taking on a new challenge as a first-time writer with HerCampus. Outside of academics, Holgado has a passion for traveling, working out, and taking photographs. She enjoys writing about pop culture, travel, and food.