Kathleen McEvoy

Name: Kathleen McEvoy

Age: 20

Major: Double majoring in Health Science and Psychology

Kathleen has one of the most unique, varied and genuine personalities I’ve ever encountered.  She’s has an aspiring future as an employee in the health field, choreographs and videos her amazing hip-hop routines just for fun, always has on stunning outfits and has been pescatarian for going on two years. It was very refreshing to have a casual interview with this girl, an interview filled with endless humor.  

What inspired you to want to pursue a career in health/psych field?

I have always been interested in science, always loving to study medicine and the body since I danced my whole life. I also got injured a lot while dancing and because of that it really sparked my interest in the field.

What spiked your interest in hip-hop above other styles of dance?

My older brother would take me to ballet in his old Cadillac and we'd listen to hip-hop and R&B music on the way/all of the time. Probably stuff I shouldn’t be hearing when I was in the second grade... Also, hip-hop just represents the fun, easy time in life.

Any dance/music artist inspirations that heavily influence your style?

Martha Graham. She was always pushing her own limits and everyone else’s. (She was the) first of her kind, looking at old videos of her speaking or dancing was always something I haven’t seen before -- always giving my ideas that I would love to see myself doing. Martha is the sh*t.

Did you try to continue dance through VCU?

Ideally I wanted to, and if dance could be my one study/passion/job, it would be. But it just wasn’t practical for my life, which is why any free time I get in the studio I take full advantage of.

How long does it normally take you to choreograph a piece? Also, do you think you’d pursue any career in this if it could happen?

Normally, the process of choreography I listen to a song 10 thousand times over and over getting excited to dance to it. Once I’m in the the studio, it usually takes me 30 minutes to put something together. I just have to repeat it multiple times to remember it, but if the opportunity presented itself, I would definitely take advantage of it. It’s a dream on the back burner.

                                                               Screenshot from Video filmed by Dina Alemu

What made you want to be a pescatarian? Are there any health benefits that persuaded you?

I became one before college, a lot of my friends’ back home were already vegetarian. I wanted to change something within my diet. Usually, after eating large meals with meat in them I would always feel kind of sick. So I decided to cut red and white meat out of my life, and it has made a significant difference in my over all feeling. It's really not that hard to do, everyone should try it if they're thinking about it.

Would you ever consider going vegetarian or vegan?

S/O to ZEKES, my favorite place ever. I don’t think I could ever give up their poke bowls. But I am diving into/dipping my toes into veganism/vegetarianism slowly. I’m a versatile girl. I like to switch it up.

Your style is also so fun and original. Who or what would you consider your consistent fashion icon?

I take a lot of inspiration from my friends, but also from the 60’s and 70’s era. Everyone was just with it. They weren’t always so put together, very care free.

                                                                   Photo taken by Katie Bashista 

With a schedule, do you have time for boys?!

I always make time for boys. Bottom line, if you’d like to contact me I’m now taking applications. *laughing*

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

I’m going to be working at a Hooters in Kentucky in 10 years. Oh my gosh, I'm seriously kidding, please don’t write that. On a real note, I just want to be happy honestly. Whether that means having a family or not, living in Virginia or whatever the amount of money I may be making. I just want to be happy.