Just a Girl And Her Cat

So, let me tell you about my best friend.

About five months ago, one of my dear friends and roommate was going through a pretty tough breakup. So I, being the supportive friend that I am, pressured her into getting a cat for our apartment to help cure her of all emotional wounds. 

And also, I just really wanted a cat.

Thus, our journey to the Richmond SPCA commenced and we found our beloved fur child, Sir Bagpipe.

Before he was rescued by the SPCA, Bagpipe was living in a hoarded trailer with a multitude of other cats. Being the “dad” of the group, we were told that he tended to look after most of the other kitties in the trailer. However, due to his unique upbringing, his social skills were lacking a bit. I think the exact words were that he “didn’t know how to be a cat.” And because of this, Bagpipe is perhaps unlike any other cat out there.

For example, he wags his tail when he is happy, pretty much like a dog. 

You would think his time inside the trailer would have made him more aggressive or violent, however, Bagpipe is probably one of the sweetest cats out there (even though he usually has RBF). My happiness to see him each day is always returned. It’s so nice coming home after class and hearing his bell collar jingle as he runs up to meet me at the door. More often than not, this is always followed by an afternoon nap. He may not know how to properly “be a cat” but he is an A1 cuddle buddy.

And then there is his name, Bagpipe. Originally the SPCA gave Bagpipe his name because, well frankly, he never shuts up. In the best way possible, Bagpipe is a loudmouth. He loves to talk, any day, every day, 24/7. His powerful vocal chords are actually what drew us to him at the SPCA. So, of course, his name stuck.

He even loves to wake me up some mornings just because he wants to hang out, usually by meowing in my face a centimeter away. But I can’t be mad at him, he’s too cute. His talkative nature is one of his most endearing traits. We have great conversations at 3 a.m.

His presence honestly gives me so much serotonin, especially when I’m having an off day. Life before Bagpipe was definitely grayer.

If you are at a place where you can provide for an animal and you’ve been thinking about adopting from the SPCA, I highly encourage you to do so. Funding a furry friend may even be cheaper than you think. For example, adopting an animal with the SPCA allows you to make veterinary appointments at their office for a low cost. I have saved a lot of money at the SPCA for veterinary services that would have been more expensive at another animal hospital. 

There are so many other lovely animals like Bagpipe that deserve good homes. Visit the Richmond SPCA website to find out more about the adoption process, or follow this link to discover what animals are available right now.


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