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Join the Movement and Lose Your Beauty Crutch

Do you find it hard to leave the house without make-up? Do you ever find the only way to feel beautiful when posting a picture on Instagram is by putting a filter on your photo? Do you feel less pretty without straightened hair? Do you feel that you rely on other things to define your beauty? Maybe you’re too reliant on your beauty crutch.

A beauty crutch is whatever you rely/depend on to make you feel beautiful. Taren Guy, a well-known YouTube beauty and natural hair guru, started a beauty crutch challenge. It was a challenge that she started on YouTube and Instagram in which she discuessed how she couldn’t leave the house without wearing false lashes, and if she didn’t have any, she would wear glasses to cover her eyes. She realized that this was something that young girls and women often do to mask their insecurities with their beauty crutch. So she decided to share the challenge to help others face their insecurities.

After hearing an overwhelming amount of conversations around campus from different girls who expressed that they didn’t feel beautiful without their beauty crutches, mainly make-up, I thought it would be a great idea to bring the beauty crutch challenge to VCU.

This is the month that we celebrate the ones we love, but why not celebrate your love for yourself? Think about what you’re dependent on for beauty. It could be anything from fake hair weave extensions to jewelry to doing your hair. Find what you mask your true beauty with and embrace who you truly are by giving up your beauty crutch the last week in February (beginning February 23rd). After the week is over, post a pic on Instagram of yourself without your beauty crutch with the hashtag #nolongercrutched and tag HerCampusVCU. At the end of the week we will randomly select 2 participants to win this Her Campus Classy Tumbler and a $10 giftcard to Starbucks!

Throughout the week Her Campus VCU will feature four women who have accepted the challenge to lose their beauty crutch. Let them be your inspiration to accept the beauty crutch challenge, too! Spread the word to all your friends and family and reclaim your beauty.


Myriah is a senior expected to graduate Dec 2015, majoring in Forenisc Biology and minoring in both Criminal Justice and Buisness. Myriah has a strong passion in fashion and beauty, and purses this that by doing weekly blogging and articles through various social media sites such as Her Campus. She plans to graduate and get a job in the Forensic Science field and continue to persue her passion in the fashion field through continuing to blog. 
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