The Intern Behind Cloth and Paper: Tiffany Srivilay

Tiffany Srivilay is a Public Relations major and Business minor at Virginia Commonwealth University, who loves spicy food, her leather planner and everything about Japanese culture. Srivilay currently works as an intern for locally owned business, Cloth and Paper. With aspirations of being a business owner herself someday, Srivilay felt that the Cloth and Paper internship would be a perfect fit for her. When asked why she chose this internship Srivilay talked about CEO Ashley Reynolds and her influence saying, “She seemed really laid back but not so laid back that I wouldn’t learn anything. I want to do business in the future, and I see myself being a business owner someday hopefully. And just having those tips from her and experiencing it firsthand. I love her determination and everything.”



In addition to having such a great CEO, Srivilay also says that she loves the products that Cloth and Paper puts out. About her personal planning style Srivilay said, “I wasn’t really a planner person until I started working here.” She had tried using other planners but never kept up with it because they were "not something [she] was interested in carrying and looking at every single day.” Cloth and Paper’s more minimalist style and high-quality materials are what drew Srivilay into the planning world. Now she carries her planner everywhere saying, “It’s stylish and you can kind of carry it with your purse. It converted me into becoming a planning person.” The leather planner and the pens that come with the monthly subscription packages are Srivilay’s favorite products, and she cannot wait to see what the new holiday line is going to look like.


 At this point you may be asking, “so what exactly is Cloth and Paper?” Cloth and Paper is a stationary and ink pen company that was born out of necessity. Srivilay says that Cloth and Paper was started when CEO Ashley Reynolds was looking for a planner for herself. “She saw a bunch that didn’t really fit her style. Her idea was creating something minimal, something chic and something people could afford,” said Srivilay. Srivilay describes the brand as “minimal, chic and luxe,” making it stand out compared to the array of brightly patterned planners that line the walls of every office supply store or trendy boutique. The brand’s black, white and gold color scheme has a more sophisticated vibe than some of the other leading planner companies. While the notebooks and planners are nice to look at, Srivilay also says that having a physical notebook, instead of using a laptop, makes all the difference when it comes to note taking. “I like hand writing my notes. Physical products really help. My desktop is so disorganized, but if I have a notebook it feels so good and really helps,” she says. The brand sells some products through their website, but Srivilay says the best surprises come exclusively in the companies two subscription boxes: one for stationary and one for pens.



When asked about some of the most exciting things about working for Cloth and Paper, Srivilay talked about some upcoming conferences that Cloth and Paper would be attending in Chicago and New York and said, “As a PR intern, I feel like I can have so much growth and opportunity with that.” Srivilay sees a lot of growth for Cloth and Paper in the planning community. They currently have over 24 thousand Instagram followers, and she hopes to further her career with Cloth and Paper as they grow. When the time does eventually come for Srivilay to leave Cloth and Paper, Srivilay says she would love to move to a bigger city and that PR packaging would be her dream job. Before we said goodbye, we asked if there was anything else we should know about her, and Srivilay said, “I just rescued two cats. They’ve been the biggest blessings in my life. Jade and Olivia. You can follow them on Instagram.”


Photos provided by Tiffany Srivilay