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An Inspirational Note to All Starting Something New

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at VCU chapter.

I woke up to a brand new morning in a brand new place, welcoming the light to shine through in my new window that overlooks my new world as a college student. My mom and sister had just moved me into my dorm, I met the person I was going to be living with for the rest of the year for the first time, and I found myself staring out into the unknown newness of true independence as I watched their car drive away without me in it.

Briefly, I felt sadly sentimental, as I stood in the middle of the sidewalk, the only familiar piece being the old high top converse that were on my feet. Quickly, however, I found myself filling up with excitement as I looked around at all the untouched buildings and sidewalks, restaurants yet to be tried, unfamiliar faces to meet, and potential experiences to be had. We all picked this place for one reason or another, and we all ended up here at the same time, now it’s all up to you for what happens next. Here are five key points to remember as you start your new journey in the world you are left with to discover. 


Just Start.

One of the hardest parts about starting fresh is simply just starting. As a college student in a new place, all of these untapped opportunities are available to you, get out there and immerse yourself in them! Push yourself to say hello to that person you want to know better, apply to that internship that you want to be apart of, sign up for the ski club (even if you don’t know how to ski!). Everyone has to start somewhere, so I prompt you to cross that threshold into the realm of possibility. 


Keep an open mind. 

Coming to a totally new place brings new people filled with differing ideas, opinions, and experiences. In some shape or form, you are most likely going to have to interact with these alternative, sometimes contrasting beliefs held by others. Remember in taking in these varying opinions held by others to respectfully listen to what they are saying. Opening your mind and attempting to accept different beliefs could transform your own thoughts into ones of more substance, and could shape who you are more deeply in doing so.


Follow your Passion.  

We all have different aspirations, interests, and dreams. The main reason you came to college is to probably to try to make those dreams into reality! Take those desires to own your own business, work for a big magazine, be a nuclear engineer or whatever makes you feel successful at the end of the day and chase that passion down until it’s real. Set your goals and take positive steps towards attaining them. You want to be on top? Follow the famous words of Tyra Banks herself, and “Rise and Smize” everyday and strut your stuff like you own it. And as long as you get yourself on track for success and follow what makes you happy, you’ll do just that.


Build up a world around you that is your own. 

One of the most exciting parts of being independent is the opportunity to truly create the world around you as you want. You get to choose, for the most part, what stays in your life, what doesn’t, and how you want to live it. Capitalize on the possible and transform your vision of how you want your life to be into the present situation. Make it what you want it, the world is yours! Surround yourself with people who positively uplift you and your own happiness. Let’s all strive to build a place around us not only the we can call a home, but a place to come home to as happy as Elaine is in this episode of Seinfeld. 


Remember why you are here.

Everywhere around you holds new possibility to make something extraordinary. Let the light that shines from your new window transfer into illuminating the reasons you came in the first place. Set goals, follow them, achieve your happiness. Do as the dancing squirrel says, and the start of something new will evolve into something more beautiful than you could ever imagine at the start.


Stephanie is a freshman writer for Her Campus at VCU. Amid her love for writing, she also enjoys volleyball, watching Jimmy Fallon and fashion shows, everything nature, and eating way too much pizza.
Keziah is a writer for Her Campus. She is majoring in Fashion Design with a minor in Fashion Merchandising. HCXO!