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Inexpensive Summer Trips

Summer is finally approaching so you can now start planning those fun, mini vacations with all of your friends! As college students, we’re not rolling in money, so anything cheap and free is always good. Try out these top summer vacation spots and trips with your friends this summer

that are close in location and inexpensive. 

1. The Zoo

The Washington National Zoo is the perfect place to visit for a date or just a fun weekday trip. It is free of charge, so you can drive up to D.C. or even take the metro with a few friends. Any zoo is a great and inexpensive place to go this summer while enjoying the warm weather. 

2. New York City

You can take the Greyhound bus to New York City for less than $60 and stay a few days, or even a week, while visiting all the famous New York attractions, shop in Times Square, or watch a Broadway play. 

3. National Harbor

The National Harbor is in Maryland and one of the most relaxing spots to visit. There is a ferris wheel and even a huge jumbo-tron to play movies while you lay out on the grass. You can take a quick trip on the Harbor in a boat or grab lunch from one of the many restuarants on the boardwalk.

4. Jiffy Lube Live

The Jiffy Lube Live Pavillion is located in Bristow, Virigina and is the popular venue for so many diverse summer concerts. You can usually pay less than $50 for a lawn ticket and enjoy one of your favorite performers. On top of that, you get to lay out on the grass, drink, eat and sing your heart out all night.

5. Virignia Beach

We all love the sand, water and sun so why not take a mini vacation trip to Virginia Beach with a few friends! You and your friends you can just visit for a day and stay out on the beach or even stay at a hotel right on the boardwalk and have an inexpensive and eventful weekend. 

I am a sophomore here at Virginia Commonwealth University, majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Broadcasting Journalism.
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