Incense to Make Your Space Smell Extraordinary

Incense tends to be seen as the black sheep cousin of the home scents world. Candles, fragrance plugs and even potpourri seem to be more loved than incense. Incense's reputation tends to suggest that it is only used to cover up the evidence of certain smokeables, but that is just not true. Here are five different incenses that will change your mind about the smoky fragrance sticks.

1 - Fig + Yarrow Incense Bundle

This cool kit from Urban Outfitters gives an incense beginner an idea of all the different incense options avaliable. It includes a palo santo stick, a sweetgrass and sage bundle, loose cedar to burn and a raw quartz crystal to rebalance the energy in your room.

2 - Norden Ojai Incense

This strong, woodsy and sweet incense is easy to get addicted to. It is imported from California and has major scent notes of frankincense, patchouli, palo santo and cypress. Also, when you order from the linked site above, you're supporting a Richmond local business! Can't get much better than that. 

3 - P.F. Candle Co.'s Los Angeles Incense

This fresh, earthy and almost perfume-like incense will transport you to the golden coast. Top fragrance notes include lime, night blooming jasmine and dry desert air. Why pay for a vacation to LA when you can just buy this incense?

4 - House of Intuition's Blessings Incense 

Need some extra luck and good fortune in your life? Burn this traditional yet blessed incense. The scent is more like an average incense compared to the others on this list, but you can't beat incense that creates miracles.

5 - The Ritual's Herbal Moon Incense

This loose floral incense is great at assisting in any spell casting or ritual... and smells heavenly. Perfect for burning during different stages of the lunar cycle, this blend of sage, roses, blue lotus, cornflowers, mugwort and dragon's blood is infused with the crystal Selenite which is connected to the moon, meditation and healing.

As you can see, incense has so much more to offer than just masking other scents. Some blends have spell-like qualities and others can transport you around the world with their aroma! Next time you're in the market for home fragrance, give these incenses some love.

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