I Tried Bullet Journaling and Here's What Happened

I love planning things and being organized, so once I heard about bullet journaling I knew I had to try it. According to the Bullet Journal website, it’s the analog system for the digital age. It can be a journal, diary, notebook, to-do list, planner or all of the above.

So, to get started, go out and buy a cute notebook or journal and some nice pens. Most of the ones I’ve seen online are a notebook with dotted or squared paper, but I couldn’t find one at my local Barnes and Noble so I went with a regular lined notebook. Also, please note that I'm not the best at drawing. 

I followed the Bullet Journal guide on their website when it came to my first two pages. The first page in your bullet journal should be a key for identifying certain things in your journal. I followed the traditional symbols from the Bullet Journal website in my key.

The second page in your bullet journal should be an index of pages. Number your pages that way you can easily look in the index and find them.

The other pages that you include in your bullet journal are completely up to you. I got some ideas from the Bullet Journal website as well as Pinterest. Here are 14 pages that I decided to put in mine:

1. Future log

This was included on the Bullet Journal website guide and it's just like a calendar except a little more specific. Layout all of the months of the year and highlight days where something important happens. I made a key and highlighted days where it was one of my loved one’s birthdays, an event or meeting, or a holiday. That way you can quickly glance at it and know it’s coming.


2. Weekly tasks

There are certain things that we all like to and need to do every week. Sometimes while you’re planning your week it’s hard to remember, so this page is a little reminder. It reminds you to do things like laundry, get groceries, etc. I also included things I like to do every other week like clean my apartment and wash my towels.


3. Goals

Simply put down your goals for that year, no matter how big or small. Mine were pretty explanatory because I’m graduating in December. I included graduating, getting a job and getting a dog (obviously).


4. Daily log

Also from the Bullet Journal website guide, these pages will tell you what you have to do every day. Instead of writing out every single day for every month, I decided to put my daily tasks on post it notes and change them out every week.


5. Ultimate grocery list

About to go to the grocery store and wonder if you’re forgetting anything? Put everything you tend to get or want from the grocery store on this page and you’ll never wonder again.


6. Wish lists

Create a page with multiple wish lists like clothes and make up you want. I also included my birthday wish list as it's coming up in June.


7. Cleaning log

Keep track of when you last cleaned your apartment or room. I try to clean my apartment every other week, although sometimes that’s not realistic. Make this page to see how long you can go without cleaning your apartment.


8. Brain dump

I made a couple of “brain dump” pages, it’s kind of like a diary with no commitment. Write in your brain dump pages whenever something is bothering you, you don’t have to write in it every day.


9. Netflix list

Keep track of what you want to binge watch on Netflix. Whether it be TV shows or movies, you won’t have to mindlessly wander Netflix again.


10. Appointment list

Write down when your appointments are so they don’t take you by surprise. This page can also tell you when your last appointment was so you know when you need to go back for an annual visit.


11. Birthdays

It’s hard to keep track of all of your loved one’s birthdays. Make a section for each month and write down those birthdays. All you have to do is flip to this page and buy a present, instead of remembering at the last minute.

12. TV shows

We all try to keep up with our favorite shows during the current seasons. Make a list of all of the shows you keep up with so you will keep an eye out for them.


13. Master to-do list

Create a master to-do list for everything and anything you need to do soon or in the near future. It’s always better to be overly organized.


14. Undo list

There are all things in life that we wish we could stop doing or thinking. Such as caring what others think or over thinking everything. Make a list of things you want to stop doing, it’s pretty therapeutic.


After making and filling my bullet journal out, I’ve discovered I feel calmer. Everything I could possibly want to know or remember is in my bullet journal. It’s safe to say I’m in love with bullet journaling and will not stop anytime soon. I definitely recommend this for anyone who loves being organized and on top of things.

Images: cover photo, gif.