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I Stopped Brushing My Hair and Here’s What Happened

For people with naturally straight hair, it might seem taboo to stop brushing their hair, especially if it tangles easily. However, more and more people are finding that not brushing can actually have some benefits. According to Women’s Health Magazine, brushing one’s hair daily can cause damage. So, to put it to the test I stopped brushing my hair and here’s what happened.

When I first began my hair experiment, my hair would tangle instantly. I would leave the house early in the morning and come home with mats, tats and knots.

To combat this, I would constantly pick the knots out by hand. In doing so, it actually helped my hair to relax and adjust.

Everybody’s scalp requires stimulation and brushing allows blood to rise at the hair follicle. If you have a certain routine like brushing that your scalp is used to and then you just stop — it can lead to a very angry, irritated scalp.

In order to stop this, I started doing two things: tugging on my hair throughout the day and using Vitamin E oil after washing it. Tugging on my hair allowed for stimulation, allowing my scalp to slowly adjust. Using Vitamin E oil helps add moisture and stops your hair from tangling all while soothing your once irritated head.

After a while, my hair adjusted to my manual detangling and began waving. This isn’t to say that my hair suddenly became naturally wavy and crimped, but over time it began creating a soft natural wave that I had always desired.

When you brush your hair, you naturally lose old hair that is constantly being replaced. When you stop brushing, however, that hair builds up. So, when I would comb through my knots with my hands, it was like a mass exodus of loose hair piling up wherever they saw fit. This is an aspect that comes with the journey.

Brushing your hair also helps distribute natural oils from your roots to your ends that tend to be drier. When you stop brushing your hair, that oil can sometimes sit at your roots. I fixed this problem by using a dry shampoo.

Overall, I have not brushed my hair in over six months, and I am glad I made the choice to not. Personally, I have seen that my hair feels healthier and has taken on a naturally wavy look. So, think twice before you pick up a brush because it might be better to cut it out completely. 

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Emily Holter is a Freshman at Virginia Commonwealth University. She studies Mass Communications with a concentration in Print and Online Journalism. She is an avid reader of books, a lover of all things Cher, and a flower enthusiast. Most days, she is tucked away in a coffee shop, sipping on her black coffee and enjoying light conversation.
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