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How Working at a Daycare Has Changed Me

When I began working at a daycare, I never realized how much it would change me. I originally thought that I would show up to work, play with the kids for a few hours and then go on with my life. I never thought that I would actually begin to grow to care for the children at the daycare. Spending every weekday with a bunch of 4-year-olds for six hours has all of a sudden become the highlight of my days, and I never thought that would happen.

I’ve always liked kids, however, I never grew up around them. The only time that I was around children was when I babysat my younger cousin on occasion. I went into working at the daycare not really knowing what to expect, and so far it’s the best job I’ve had. The daycare that I work for has children aged from 8 weeks old to fifth grade. The children that I primarily take care of are 4 to 5 years old. They are beginning kindergarten in the fall, so I spend most of my time “teaching” them to be prepared for kindergarten. I spend over six hours with these kids every weekday, and I can’t believe how much I’ve grown to care and love them. Don’t get me wrong, some days are not the best. Whether it’s constant “potty accidents” or the kids having problems listening, it’s definitely not perfect all of the time. However, when I come into work and some of the kids run over to me so happy to see me, it makes me feel warm inside.

Every child that I work with has their own personality and originality. Also, it’s crazy to see how smart they are at this age. It’s so fun to watch them grow up and learn new things every day.  It had been awhile since I had been around young children, so I originally didn’t know how much I would like it. Now, whenever I go to work, I look forward to seeing them. Sure, it can get frustrating when they don’t listen or when they constantly tattle on the other kids, however, when you come into the room and have them run to you and hug you, it’s amazing. The fact that I’m teaching them new things every day makes me so happy. It’s a real eye opening experience.

When I was younger, I attended daycare located at someone’s house. Even though it wasn’t the same environment as the job where I am currently working, I have so many happy memories with the people who watched me. It makes me so happy to think that I could possibly be a part of these children’s childhood memories. I know they’ll be a part of mine. This has been the most rewarding job I’ve had and I can’t wait to watch these kids grow even more. 

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