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How to Make the Most Out of Winter Break

The opinions expressed in this article are the writer’s own and do not reflect the views of Her Campus.

With the hectic week of finals finally behind us, there is a full month-long blank canvas ahead. Whether you’re heading home for the holidays or kicking it in your college town, here are five ways to make the most of the time off. 

get a job/volunteer

Working a job over break is an amazing way to maintain your daily routine and build up your savings while doing so. If a job is a little bit too much of a time commitment, volunteering is a great alternative. Volunteer opportunities are available more than ever over break due to the many philanthropic events surrounding the holidays. Thing out the box with this as well; are a great way to reconnect with people you may not while you’re away at school. 

Start a new tradition

Make memories this year that you will never forget by starting a new tradition with family or friends. Host a game night or take a day road trip to enjoy holiday festivities in a nearby city you’ve never been to. Many of us adopted new holiday plans last year as well due to COVID-19, such as huge family zoom calls and Netflix party movie nights. Even though this year is set to be a “normal” holiday season, consider keeping a tradition from last winter as well.

.Clear your calendar

As break begins, the urge to catch up on sleep before the holidays get busy can be extremely tempting. While it is important to rest, don’t let burnout dull your month. If you have been going non-stop all semester, challenge yourself to completely clear your calendar for the duration of the break. Seek to fill your days with spontaneous adventures and restful days of recharging with the warmth of the holidays. 

Pick up a new (or old) hobby or habit

Is there something you just couldn’t find the time to start this semester? Dedicate winter break to learning a new skill. Three weeks are all that is required to start to form a habit, leaving a lot of potential progress from a full month off from classes. Picking up old hobbies can be invigorating as well—think calling up old teammates for a pickup game or pulling out your old sketchbook. 

Treat yourself to change

Take “new year, new me” literally this winter break to start the new semester on a fresh foot. Doing things opposite of the school year normal can offer an invaluable perspective on changes to make going forward. Even the smallest of changes, such as going to bed earlier, will help you find the perfect balance to bring with you into the spring semester. If you have been seeking a bigger change, go for that bold new hair color or daily workout routine to see a huge difference in a short amount of time.

Consider some of these suggestions to maximize your time off and make countless memories during a well-deserved break.

Taya Coates is a junior studying fashion merchandising and minoring in journalism. She hopes to pursue a career as a fashion editor and eventually start her own publication. She is passionate about covering stories on style, social activism, and culture.
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