How to Rock Spring/Summer 2019 Trends

Spring is here! That means it’s finally time to put the sweaters and scarves away, bask in the sunlight and buy trendy clothes. These trends are super exciting because they are fun and fresh! Many of these on the list are trends I wrote off in high school but now have a newfound love for. These 2019 fashion trends feel nostalgic, light-hearted and spirit-boosting. I am so beyond ready to don a neon green zebra print bathing suit that may remind me of that piece of my emo 7th-grade existence. Who is with me?!

1. Pattern Clashing

This trend might not be for out-of-the-box fashion folk, but fear not! Clashing patterns in the right way can actually be very appealing to the eye. This is a way to have some flavor while being absolutely eye-catching and unique! You can go daring by clashing pieces of different patterns on the top and bottom, or dip your toe in it by wearing a top similar to the one below. This shirt is a super casual silhouette but has fun pattern-blocking that is just plain old fun.

 2. Neon

This is a trend that everyone seems to have their opinion about. For me, I am all for it. I already ordered a neon bathing suit from Aerie. I love the idea of hitting the pool or beach in a neon suit. I’m going to be glowing in the sun and you can too!  

Clothing in neons is also all the rage. Pull up to class in a neon pair of pants to be an absolute show stopper.

3. Animal Print

Whether its cow, cheetah, zebra or leopard - it’s hot! This is a trend I am personally all over. Animal print makes me feel playful and gives me some pizzazz. If you pair this trend with the neon one, you will be even bolder!

4. Midi Shorts

Recently, it was all about the shorts that near expose your buttcheeks, but as of late, the hem of shorts is getting lower and we love! Midi shorts can be worn in the form of bike shorts. You can pair this with an oversized t-shirt, a fun scrunchy and sneakers for a playful 80s look. Midi-shorts dominated the spring/summer runways.

5. Tie-dye

This bright, colorful trend puts me in a chipper mood. This hippie print can be styled in an infinite amount of ways. You can play up the boho look by wearing tie-dye in loose and flowing silhouettes. I like the look of playing tie-dye down by pairing it with simple shorts or jeans and making it super casual. 

6. Wide-leg Pants

A culotte or wide-legged pant will be your best friend for this spring and summer. Pair a denim pair of these with a t-shirt and tennis shoes or sandals for a casual, laid back look or maybe linen ones with a killer blouse and powerful, heels or platform shoes.    Larger View of Product


If this list of bold trends inspired you, GO FOR THEM! Don’t feel like you won’t own it, cause trust me, you will own it. Any and everyone can try these looks and look simply fab. Who’s ready to go shopping?

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