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How My Tarot Card Reading Predicted a Pregnancy

I’ve never really been the type of person who wholeheartedly believes that certain people are capable of predicting the future through tarot readings, but I’ve always been open to the possibility of people having that type of ability. Until I downloaded TikTok, the most I would do in relation to trying to get some insight into my life was just use The Pattern and Co-Star applications on my phone occasionally or regularly when I was having a lot of trouble and wanted guidance. When I downloaded TikTok, I started to see some tarot readings come on my for you page that gave oddly accurate descriptions of my life and sometimes predicted the future, but I never thought too much into it. Until that is, I received a reading that predicted that my best friend was pregnant. I laughed when I saw the post and just sent it to my female best friend as a joke, but then moved on with my life. I only realized how accurate some of these readings could actually be when I received a text from my male best friend shortly after telling me that he had gotten his girlfriend pregnant. 

So naturally, my reaction was one of excitement, especially because my best friend is engaged, so the pregnancy was a pleasant surprise, but then I started to be dumbfounded a bit when I realized that a tarot reading actually predicted this happening. Most of the people who do tarot readings on TikTok say to ignore the reading if it doesn’t seem to apply to you, but that if it does seem to apply, then it is likely for a reason. It really freaked me out to learn that I actually had been told about a big event that would be happening in my life prior to it actually happening, but it also made me wonder how many other things in my life could potentially be predicted by a tarot reading. 

I don’t think that people who do tarot readings intend to tell you for certain that anything will happen in your future, but I think part of the reason that it did actually end up happening is because I accepted that there may be some truth to what I was told. I reached out to my friend and actually questioned whether it may be true, and I think to some degree that I spoke it into existence that my best friend would end up having a child on the way—even though it was not the best friend that I expected. 

I now recognize the authenticity of tarot readings, and I actually take the things that I hear from readings more seriously now. I find it interesting to go on YouTube and look up daily horoscopes, daily readings and scour TikTok for another reading that could potentially tell me about my future. I think that because we have always been told that the future is unpredictable, it can be hard to believe that the cards can actually tell you anything, but I’m here to tell you that they can—you just have to be open to listening. 

Britney Simmons is a senior at Virginia Commonwealth University who is majoring in Mass Communications with a Concentration in Print/Online Journalism. She has loved reading and writing since she was a child, and is an animal lover. She loves to travel whenever possible, and you can usually find her binging some new series or napping.
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