How to Make Room for Your Fall Wardrobe

It's almost time to put away your cut-offs and break out those super comfy and cute sweaters. Fall is in the air! As you start to mentally pair your fall favorites into ah-mazing outfits, you'll find some pieces that you just can't use anymore. Maybe they're too big or too small, maybe it it's just not your style anymore or maybe you never even took the tags off this stuff and it's been hanging in your closet for a year now. Whatever the reason, it's time to ditch those closet hogs and make room for clothes that you will actually wear. You might be asking, "But what do I do with all of my old clothes?" Her Campus VCU is here to help.

Consign or Sell
It's always nice to get a little cash for those unwanted clothes. Rumors will buy your clothes and accessories on the spot and you have the potential to leave with cash in hand! Places like Pieces Boutique & Consignment will also buy on the spot but they also consign (and it's near campus!) There's also Ashby, Indigo Avenue Clothes and Clementine which are consignment shops located in Carytown.
However, shops aren't the only places to sell to! VCU has a Free & For Sale Facebook page where people sell their clothes (and other stuff) for a good bargain! You can also try selling clothes on Craigslist and ebay, but be careful for tricksters!
There are so many nonprofit organizations around Richmond that are eager to see what you've got for them! Second Debut by Goodwill located in Carytown accepts a tad bit nicer clothes than a regular Goodwill. There is also Books, Bikes and Beyond (in the Arts District, and yes, they accept books and bikes too!), Diversity Thrift (off Hermitage) and The Clothes Rack (Carytown). 
Whatever you do, don't just throw away your unwanted clothes. Even if no consignment store accepts them or no one is interested in buying, there are other options. There is a Planet Aid drop-box located in front of Rumors on Broad Street. Drop off your clothes here and they will be recycled for a good cause! Are you feeling creative? Turn your old t-shirts into pillow cases, scarves or tank tops. Take scissors to those stained jeans and make cut-offs for next year. If you just Google "how to DIY old clothes," endless results will appear. 
With all of these ideas, you have no excuse to keep those old clothes lying around this fall. Now that you have some extra cash and a lot more space in your cloest, you have a great reason to go shopping!