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As of recently, I have been getting a lot of money from playing FanDuel. However, I literally know nothing about sports and a lot of you are probably wondering what FanDuel even is. Well, the company originally started out as competition for DraftKings for fantasy sports, but with gambling recently becoming legal across the United States, they have started allowing players to bet on games. As in Virginia, it was legalized in April 2020. Something you are also probably wondering is, how did a girl who knows little to nothing about sports get into this? Long story short, my boyfriend. FanDuel runs a promotion where when you refer the service to a person, and they make a $10 bet, you and that person receive $50. 

Gregg Sussman explains the basics of sports betting.

I made my $10 bet for my boyfriend to receive our $50, but I did not expect my first bet to actually hit. To be fair, I asked my boyfriend to place my bets for me, so I was not that surprised. Nevertheless, I was still shocked to get over $100 on a measly $10 bet. I immediately withdrew the $100 I made from the bet because I didn’t necessarily want to gamble all my money away. With the leftover money, I decided to bet on the Ravens and Colts game with my boyfriend’s assistance. Truthfully, before this, I could care less about football, but I asked my boyfriend to explain it to me so I could actually understand what was happening during the game. So as I understood a little more about it, this Ravens and Colts game was intense. I had received a promotion to get a risk-free $50 bet, so I was not too scared of losing my money, yet I still wanted my bets to hit. As I bet on the Ravens to win, I was desperately cheering them on in the first half. Luckily, towards the end, they turned the game around and won, meaning I had won almost $400 that night. In this week I had made over half of what my rent is. 

As a college student, who always has assignments on top of assignments, it is nice to get some money just by sitting around and watching sports on the weekends. It honestly is better than working everyday while trying to keep up with school work. Especially since I only bet on football games which are usually on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. I can even do my homework while I watch the games. In addition, I feel like it has been a great bonding experience with my boyfriend and a couple of my friends, as I have referred FanDuel to a few of them. However, I will admit that I do have a few concerns about gambling, such as addiction. Therefore, I try to do it safely, such as taking out each $100 I receive from referrals or bets. If you are struggling with a gambling addiction, you should reach out to a mental healthcare provider and read this list of tips from HelpGuide.

Kaitlyn Austin is a senior majoring in Political Science with a concentration in Civil Rights.
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