How to Have the Perfect Snow Day

Every college kid's dream is a snow day! (More like free tuition, WYA?) Okay, so a snow day may not be every college kids dream, but at least you have a free pass on not going to class. If I have an option not to make the treacherous seven-block walk to class, then I’m going to pick not.

Now that you don’t have to attend class, what else is there to do? Of course, you want to finish up the extra homework and readings that you have as homework, and don’t forget about all the “snow day assignments” the teachers are going to assign, but IT’S A SNOW DAY! You don’t get many snow days in a semester, if any at all, so here are some ideas on how to have the perfect snow day.

Make some hot cocoa! You probably don’t have hot cocoa mix in your house, but now you can remember to pick some up for that upcoming snow day *wink.* Hot cocoa is a staple for any snow day, and, when else are you going to remember to make some hot cocoa? If you don’t have any hot cocoa mix at home here is a DIY recipe that you can make from scratch if you have all the ingredients.

Now that you have some warm hot cocoa to start the cold, snowy day, there’s no need to change out of your pajamas! Today you can wear your pajamas all day, and try not to pretend you don’t do that every day you don’t have classes…

After not changing out of your PJ’s, it’s time to cuddle up in a fluffy blanket, sip your hot cocoa and watch a fun movie. If it’s near the holidays (or not near the holidays!) you could watch a festive holiday movie on HBO Go! Or, if you would like a movie more fitting, there are tons of snow themed movies such as "Frozen", "Ice Age" or "Hot Tub Time Machine" if you are looking for something a bit more comedic. 

You didn’t think we forgot about the snacks, right? Every snow day deserves it’s own set of snacks, and I don’t just mean popping a bag of popcorn. Here are 18 different ways you can actually spice up your plain, boring popcorn:

Now that you are filled up on hot cocoa and popcorn, you can enjoy this winter snow day how it should be enjoyed - by going outside. Grab your jacket, snow boots and gloves because it’s time to make the trek outside. Whether it’s to get some food that’s not in your house, or to simply get out of the house, going out in the snow is definitely a must.

Now that you have had an amazing snow day, it is time to end the day by taking a hot bath or shower. To keep your skin moisturized and nourished, I recommend using a bath bomb or coconut oil and some essential oils to soothe your winter skin.

I hope this article gave you some inspiration on how to make the best out of any winter snow day and you decide to try out some of the ideas!

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