How Downloading UNiDAYS Changed My Life

Let’s face it -- being a student is hard work. Days are filled with constant quizzes, tests and group projects that no one asked for. Don’t forget trying to balance that with a social life, job, clubs and trying to face the inevitable feeling of looming (real) adulthood. But you know what isn’t hard? Shopping. Being a student is so much more bearable once you finally realize how many retailers offer discounts to us (and they’re actually good). That's where UNiDAYS comes in. UNiDAYS is an app that allows both full and part-time students access to discounts simply because they're students. Though it may seem very fashion centered, this app offers a wide variety of discounts from newspaper subscriptions, vitamins, rides from Uber or Lyft and even fitness classes. Soon enough, you may find yourself using it for everything.

Here are a few stores you may not have known you can get a discount at:

1. Urban Outfitters


2. UGG

3. adidas


4. American Apparel

Here's how you do it: 

All you have to do is download UNiDAYS, register with your college ID and you gain access to a world of discounts. The best thing about it? It's SO easy and there are no gimmicks.

UNiDAYS gives you your own unique promo codes for these sites that you can apply at checkout. Discounts are updated and added constantly (some of them are for just a limited time only), so check back often.

For as much as we’re paying for college, I think it’s great that websites like this are supporting college students in their money saving endeavors. Sure, college isn't all about what outfits you wear, but everything seems to be more fun when you feel good about yourself. So the next time you want to update your look but your wallet is not here for it, check out UNiDAYS (but not too much because saving money can be addicting).

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