The Her Campus at VCU Finals Survival Guide

This is a sponsored feature. All opinions are 100% our own.

With finals in full swing, the semester is at it’s most stressful. Whether your week was crammed with finals or you were done a week ago, finals are never a breeze. The girls at Her Campus at VCU have some products to make your life just a bit easier:

As spring has slowly come and gone and summer is on its way we know it’s starting to get hot, especially here in Virginia. And while staying in your house all day studying (or not) may sound ideal we know you have other things to do. Whether it be walking to the gym, the library, a final or just around campus staying fresh is definitely a concern. Secret’s new Invisible Solid Fresh deodorant line will keep you smelling good all day long so you can beat the heat.

Other products to keep you fresh all day long are Simply Summer’s Eve Gentle Foaming Wash and their Cleansing Cloths. They help wash away odor you have "down there" and help restore your ph balance. When it starts to get this hot outside sweat can come from anywhere. The gentle foaming wash will become your new shower essential and the cleansing cloths are perfect for a girl on the go!

While we would all like to feel our most fabulous during finals it usually isn’t a reality. Between the late night cram sessions and exams at the crack of dawn makeup is not usually an option, but Essence’s Eyebrow Pencil and Brush can help you to define, outline and fill in your eyebrows quickly and easily. It’s easy to blend and comb because the brush is attached to the pencil so if you just need a quick makeup pick-me-up this product is perfect for you.

We all like to stay clean but do you know there’s a way to be even cleaner? While most people may leave their toothbrush sitting out with the brush exposed to the air, it is collecting airborne and cross contamination. Steripod Toothbrush Protector makes sure you never have to worry about how clean your toothbrush actually is. It protects it for up to three months and is perfect to keep at home or traveling after finals are over and done.

Lastly, let’s talk about finals being over. Once your done and your school year has ended it’s time to relax, but rather than sit in front of a computer or tv screen all day why not indulge in a book. Penguin Random House is featuring White Fur by Jardine Libaire. Indulge in this romance novel about two unlikely people having to overcome who they are and where they come from to be together.

Good luck on all your finals Collegiettes and don’t forget about Her Campus over the summer!

photo credit: Hailey McQuiller