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For those of us who are loud and proud spook enthusiasts, Halloween is the best time of the year. One of the time honored traditions includes decorating your home to be the most frighteningly festive on the block.

“But what if I’m too broke to afford cool decorations?”

Fret not, young financially-struggling reader. Halloween decorating does not have to break the bank. Here are five items that can help you be a Halloween decorating pro on a budget.

1. Fake Cobwebs

Fake cobwebs are a great way give your living space an air of spookiness without breaking the bank. Costing only three dollars at Target, draping these over your window or across a door is a nice, fun touch.


2. Candles

A nice candle can add great atmosphere perfect for telling ghost stories, bonus points if it has an autumny scent. Ross has a large selection of nice, cheap candles.

3. String Lights


Candles too much of a fire hazard? String lights can be just as effective and aren’t just for Christmas anymore. For only $10, you can hang these puppies all around your decorating space.


4. Pumpkins


A good pumpkin, real or fake, can add the perfect splash to any Halloween party. Bonus points if it’s carved. If you want a more authentic touch, local pumpkin patches usually host pumpkin picking sessions. Not around any pumpkin patches? Luckily, your average Walmart usually has pumpkins both plastic and au natural. Target has pumpkin decorating kits, like the one pictured above, for five dollars.

5. Wall Decals

Artsy, funny, gross or anything in between, wall decals are usually super cheap and super effective. Check out Spirit Halloween’s selection of wall and window decorations. Many of these are only five dollars.

Bonus Tip! Your Roommate’s Ghost


If all these options were a little too expensive, you can always say that your roommate who never shows up or braces you with their presence is a ghost. It’s cheap and authentic, plus they’ll no longer leave their dirty dishes in the sink. But again, this only if you’re that desperate.

Hopefully these tips were helpful. Happy decorating and Happy Halloween season!

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