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Gold vs. Silver: Which One Suits You Best?

Accessories are such a staple in everyday styling that most of the time, it can easily make or break a look. Hats, belts, socks and other statement pieces can make you stand out and give off the impression that you spent those extra ten minutes of your routine to strut the extra mile on the runway. On the other hand, looking for jewelry can be hard when you can never figure out what type looks the most flattering on you. Is it hoop earrings or studs? Long detailed necklaces or simple dainty chokers? The choices are so abundant; it’s easy for things to get overwhelming with the snap of your finger.

First and foremost, it’s essential to know that jewelry comes in a variety of different types of finishes. Bronze, copper, rose gold, platinum, white gold, silver- the options can make it a lot more complicated to determine which metal compliments your features best. When choosing which particular one suits your style, determining your skin tone is crucial. Figuring out the nitty-gritty things of your complexion can do so much more for you than finding out the type of jewelry you should wear. It can also help when shopping for clothes to make sure the colors you wear are not washing out your natural skin or even help when exploring the different tones for everyday makeup.

When figuring out if the pigmentation of your skin is warm or cool, it is especially important to make sure you are looking at it in natural sunlight. Other light fixtures can harshen out your actual complexion and give you an illusion of darker or paler skin. Take a look at the veins that peek out on your wrists or the inside of your forearm. If they look to be more on the blue side, you have a cool skin tone. Detection of more green in your veins or under your skin states that you probably have a warmer skin tone. Other ways to determine this can depend on whether you tan easily or burn in the sunlight. Those who are prone to burning in the sun easily or cannot tan at all typically have a cool tone under their skin. People who tan easily tend to have a warmer tint to their complexion. 

After concluding what skin tone you believe is most acceptable for you, it’s time to establish which metal finish will enhance your look. Depending on which one you think is most accurate for you, here are some suggestions for jewelry that will put you in the best light:

Cool Skin Tone

It is known that silver, white gold and platinum look best on people with your skin tone. Avoid colors that are considered light neutrals, like pale brown and off-white. Shades of blue, pastels and vivid colors such as emerald green would compliment you! Deep, cool-toned colors such as magenta, plum and royal blue would also help bring out the cool undertones in your skin. 

Warm Skin Tone

Warm skin will most likely favor gold, copper and bronze. Rose gold is also an exception because it brings out the pinker shades of skin, which warmer skin toned people don’t lack. Colors like red, yellow and crisp, bright white look good on your pigmented skin! Bright and neon colors will add a great pop of personality for sure as well! 

Whether you choose to follow the guide of finding your shade and skin tone first or not, jewelry will always bring out the sparkle in your look. Stick to what YOU think looks best on you and brings out your confidence!


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Victoria grew up in Northern Virginia and is a Junior at VCU this year. She is majoring in Mass Communications with a concentration in Digital Journalism and dreams of pursuing a career involved in Fashion Editing. She loves traveling, listening to music 24/7, and learning about new cultures.
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