Freshman Move-In Day 101

You’ve been dreaming, talking, planning and slightly freaking out (okay, really freaking out) about this day for weeks and now it’s finally here! Here are some tips to ensure your day runs smoothly with as little stress as possible!


1. Stalk your roommates.

And I don’t mean creepily-watching-their-every-move stalking (no one wants a real life version of “The Roommate”), but invest some time in a little gentle social media stalking beforehand. Get a feel for what their interests, hobbies and style are. That way, you’ll know what to expect. Don’t be afraid to reach out and see what they’re bringing either; you’ll avoid bringing duplicates (you don’t want a jungle of drying racks in your dorm).

2. Do your homework.

Find out everything you need to know the night before: where to park, directions to get there, etc. It’ll save you and your parents from extra stress the day of (less stressed parents=happy you).

3.Don’t over pack.

It may feel like you’re about to be packing your entire life away. But don’t. I repeat, DO NOT PACK EVERYTHING YOU OWN. Dorm rooms are small, and too much stuff will make your room feel even smaller. Pick exactly what you need, and leave behind clothes you’ve only worn once. Also, buy some space savers so you can store clothing under your bed.


4. Prep your parents.

Yes, they will cry. And most likely all over you. But they are inevitable. So be sure to pack the Kleenex.

5. Wear comfortable but cute clothing.

Here’s the conflict: You want to look cute because of all of the eye candy you may see while moving in, but moving requires sweaty, gritty work that will make sweat stains appear quicker than you can say, “Maybe I shouldn’t have worn this.” Be sure to wear something that’s breathable.

6. Flirt with the stranger in the elevator.

Just don’t flirt while your parents are with you, because that’d be awkward. College is a time to branch out and make new friends, so don’t be afraid to strike up a convo with your neighbor or ask for that hottie’s number. Be friendly and make as many friends (and possibly more than friends) as you want!

7. Bond with your roommates.

After you’re all unpacked and Mom and Dad have finally left, reward yourself with an all-you-can-eat-buffet style dinner (a.k.a. Shafer) with your new roomies (because moving in will make you insanely hungry). And what better way to bond than stuffing your faces with pizza. LOTS AND LOTS OF PIZZA.

8. Most importantly, relax.

Moving in is not the end of the world (although it may feel like it) and you have nothing to fear! Just remember to breathe every so often and don’t let the little things get to you. Oh, and get ready to have THE TIME OF YOUR LIFE!