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Five Things My Abuela Taught Me

Grandmas are one thing, but abuelas are another. Here are five things my Abuela taught me.

1. Always have a good meal. 

Whether it's pan con queso (bread and cheese) or a tortilla - that is not a good meal. A good meal doesn't end until at least the third dish, with all your food groups. Because if you stop, Abuela will get you with a chancla (sandal). 

2. Everything is included in the bill: the food, services, taxes and.... silverware? 

3. Forgiveness is beautiful, even to those that don't deserve it. 


4. Never leave home without a sweater, or else you'll catch a cold 

(put on a sweater or else you'll catch a cold my baby)

5. Most importantly; to have paciencia y fe (patience and faith) 



Jessica is a Theatre Major with a concentration in Costume Design. Although design is her passion, she loves writing and is so glad to be a part of Her Campus VCU. She hopes you enjoy her writing as much as she enjoys writing it.
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