First Impression Review of Lush Cosmetics' Shampoo Bar

I went into Lush Cosmetics to buy my favorite conditioner (American Cream), and ended up buying more than I originally came in for. Story of my life, am I right? How can anyone resist anything in Lush? Everything smells so good and looks so cool, I just want to buy and try it all! One thing I did end up trying was their shampoo bar, and here is my first impression review of the Lush “Honey I Washed My Hair” shampoo bar:

Before using this product, I was unsure exactly how it would work. The bar looks just like a bar of soap. When I got in the shower, I wet my hair and rubbed the bar as close to my scalp as possible. Before my eyes this compact bar turned very frothy and lathered in my hair quite nicely. After massaging the shampoo into my scalp, I washed it out and used my favorite Lush conditioner, American Cream. After getting out of the shower, my hair felt very soft and silky.

To get another opinion, I gave the bar to my boyfriend and asked him to give me his review to get another opinion. My boyfriend said the shampoo bar pleasantly surprised him. He did not think it was going to work as well as it did, especially because when I asked him to try it out, he asked if he could just use his regular shampoo instead. In the end, he ended up really liking the shampoo bar and said he would definitely use it again.

My final thought on the shampoo bar is that I really enjoyed using it! This bar would be great for traveling on an airplane or just a road trip because it’s not liquid and could easily be put into a plastic baggy. The bar also smelled amazing. Get your hands on this fabulous Lush product!

Photo credits: Cover photo12, 3