Finding Your Own Style

Finding your own personal style that makes you feel yourself and confident in what you wear can be a hard task. Heck, I’m a fashion merchandising major and I even have those days where I feel like choosing outfits feels completely impossible. Sometimes you like the idea of an outfit or style on someone else or in your head, but then it doesn’t execute the way you had hoped for on yourself. For some, they don’t feel they have a personal style and have no idea where to get started. Thankfully, there are some definite ways we can get around this feeling. 

A good way to get started on your style journey is looking through your wardrobe and seeing what you have and already love. Take notes on what these pieces are like. Are they colorful? Vintage? Edgy? Once you go through your closet and see the types of items you like, you may start seeing a trend between them, and you can tap into this more. 

Something I know that happens to me when I’m styling myself is that I have a fear of taking risks at times. This can hinder you from dressing like your true self and the way you want to dress! It can feel a little daunting to wear that bright tulle skirt hanging in your closet that is totally you and would make you feel like Carrie Bradshaw on a night out –– BUT, you’re afraid people will think you’re weird if you wear it. WEAR IT! You will feel empowered, and you will be dressing the way YOU want to. 

I find a ton of inspiration for style on social media as well as YouTube. I’ve been watching fashion YouTubers for years, and have collected some tried and true favorites that I watch regularly. Find YouTubers and other influencers whose style you resonate with. Sometimes you can buy the exact pieces they’re wearing since they will many times link the items they have styled. 

I get a lot of inspo for my style for sure on Pinterest and Instagram. I make folders and boards for the looks and apparel pieces that I resonate with. Once you start pinning and adding to your Instagram folders, it gets addicting. Before you know it, you will have so many different looks you can draw from these websites. This is my Pinterest fashion board in case you are interested! 

My final way you can get some great inspiration (my personal favorite method) is simply by people watching! I absolutely adore walking around campus and out and about in public and seeing what outfits strike my fancy. I love how everyone’s style is so unique and their own. You can make mental notes of the styles you see on the street that catch your eye. This way, you can pull loads of inspiration for different aspects of looks and styles and make it completely your own.

I challenge you to be unapologetically yourself in terms of how you dress yourself. Everyone deserves to feel comfy and stylish in the items they wear. Inspiration for style is all around us!

Image Credit: By the Author