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From makeup tips to DIY tutorials, these seven fashion hacks will help make your fall wardrobe #flawless.

Sweater boot socks

Have an old sweater you don’t wear anymore? Take the sleeves and turn them into adorable boot socks! Click here for a tutorial. 


Freeze your tights

It may sound a little odd, but if you stick your tights in the freezer, the chilly temperature strengthens the individual fibers of your tights, making them last longer. For an exact description of how to do it, click here.



How to make your lip color last

Dark lipstick is a must have this fall. But it is a pain to keep it long lasting and smudge free. Click here to learn how to keep the color going strong all day. 



Pair a bold cat eye with your fall lipstick. Nail the look with these tutorials.

Fabric Paint Sweaters

Upcycle any sweater or t-shirt with fabric paint. Get the look here

Plaid Shirts

Stand out in a crowd by dip dyeing or bleaching your staple plaid shirt. Here’s how.


Make bracelets out of braided t-shirts for a new look this fall. For tutorials on how to make many different kinds of bracelets, click here. 


Now go out, grab some Starbucks, and strut your stuff!

Katie, a Senior at VCU, is majoring in International Studies focused in European studies and is minoring in both Spanish and Writing. She credits all success and sanity to dry shampoo, The Arctic Monkeys, and chocolate. Her favorite things include argumentative essays, pitbull puppies (or really any puppy), and spring. Katie hopes to one day get paid to travel the world and write.
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