Everything You Need to Know About #BringBackOurGirls

There’s been quite the buzz around the spike in missing Black and Latinx girls in D.C. Frustrated with the lack of media coverage and communication, locals have taken to Twitter and other social media outlets to express their concern, outrage and fear. To add fuel to the fire, an image went viral claiming 14 girls had gone missing in only 24 hours. Although this claim has since been debunked, it has brought attention to the alarming number of girls that are in fact missing.

In response to pressure from DC residents and celebrities, Mayor Muriel Bowser and the Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Colombia (MPDC) held a community forum. However, instead of calming concerns and discussing a clear plan of action, residents left feeling more uneasy and helpless. As a DC resident, I can relate to the frustrations of the community. The girls that have gone missing have been exclusively young Black and Lantinx girls, the youngest being 11. Even more frustrating is the areas that the victims come from are low income and in the process of being gentrified. Thus, residents have accused MPDC of not taking these disappearances as seriously as they would if these girls were from more affluent areas. 

I cannot help but share these concerns and criticisms. The girls that have gone missing live blocks away from my home. I know all too well the priorities of DC politics, and unfortunately, they have seldom rested within my neighborhood or similar areas. Even more frustrating is Bowser and the MPDC have been reluctant to even admit there is sex trafficking issue.

However, now is the time for answers and accountability and hopefully the return of our missing girls.