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Easy And Cheap Party Favors For Your Summer Plans!

It’s that time of the year again where the weather is getting nicer, the sun is out and everyone is getting together! Maybe you want to host a get together for some close friends or something a little more upscale. Either way you hope your friends enjoy their time and what’s more memorable than adorable party favors to add to the fun! Whether you are getting together to celebrate a special occasion or just enjoying the friendships you have, here are some cute and cheap party favors to add to your event!

Food and Cute Holders

Everyone loves food and especially if the food is an adorable container, this party favor can be a huge hit! Putting non-perishable foods in a small container, jar or basket can make the favor look more presentable rather than just putting it in plastic bags or what it came in. You can add a small customized label to make it look more store like as well. Making a small dessert is usually the best way to go for packing foods like cake pops, small cookies or popcorn. You can make anything you want or just customize the way you present the favor to your guests!

Tote Bags

Customized tote bags are party favor that might be a little more expensive than food, but it is totally worth it! Having plain tote bags with a small saying or image can be something that your friends can take everywhere with them and will last them a while. The bags can be plain and simple so any stamp or print you get can be done at home!

Body Scrubs

A trend that goes along with self-care is body scrubs! This is a simple and cheap DIY project that you can customize to your friends’ liking! Whether you are choosing the color or the scents, different recipes for scrubs can be found online! Putting the body or face scrubs in jars with a cute label or ribbon can allow you to customize every jar so that everyone gets a custom jar!

Flowers and Plants

Who doesn’t like a cute succulent or flowers to brighten up their day? Putting simple plants or flowers in pots or jars can make great party favors for friends. You can even add decorations or a small image on the pot to customize your plants, not to mention that plants are aesthetically pleasing and can be placed anywhere in someone’s home.

Any party favor can make your friends believe you are the go-to host as well as a thoughtful friend! Customize each favor to your guest if you have the time and if not you still have precious gifts to thank your friends for coming to your event! Having a small gift for them to remember the day or event can be a great addition to the experience as well as giving you the opportunity to be creative! Whichever party favor you decide to try out, have fun with it and show off your artistic side!

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Nat is a junior majoring in Criminal Justice and Homeland Security at Virginia Commonwealth University who treats every opportunity as a new chapter. All her chapters are filled with music, travels, Pinterest, and pics of friends laughing so hard they snort. She loves meeting new people and hearing new stories because she believes everyone has one. She aspires to influence those around her as well as just making people smile.
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